What constitution is not easy to get pregnant Experts tell you truth!

Probably everyone wants to have a baby in due time. Ideally full, but reality is very thin. Good thinking does not necessarily lead to good results. Many couples planning to conceive have suffered greatly on road to pregnancy. There are many detours. For those women who are not easy to conceive, we have summarized their characteristics. If you find following characteristics, it means that getting pregnant is not easy and needs to be corrected in time.

What constitution does not allow easy pregnancy?

Body 1. Irregular menstruation

What constitution is not easy to get pregnant Experts tell you truth!

Under normal conditions, women's menstruation is relatively regular, because menstruation is regular, ovulation is regular, so we can accurately determine day of ovulation and have intercourse, and chance of pregnancy will be higher. However, if menstruation is irregular for a long time, it will directly lead to ovulation dysfunction, resulting in infertility, so when you find irregular menstruation, you should seek medical help in time.

Body 2, always cold hands and feet

Some women always have cold hands and feet regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Its symptoms are what we often call constitutional insufficiency and coldness. Pregnancy. Therefore, women with a weak and cold constitution can do more exercise in normal times to improve their immunity, and then pay attention to eat less cold food in their regular diet, drink more sweetened ginger water, and pay attention to keep warm from cold.

What constitution is not easy to get pregnant Experts tell you truth!

Body 3, too fat or too thin

Too fat or too thin people are not easy to get pregnant. Clinical evidence shows that weight is related to a woman's fertility, and people who are too fat or too light do not get pregnant easily. Experts explain reasons for this: being underweight causes pituitary gland to not secrete enough follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone, which leads to a decrease in ovary of follicles and even causes chronic anovulation and infertility; hormone rises, leading to polycystic ovaries and hirsutism; which in turn leads to anovulation and infertility.

Constitution 4, loss of appetite

What constitution is not easy to get pregnant Experts tell you truth!

Women with kidney failure often lose their appetite. You may feel unwell and may experience symptoms such as nausea, abdominal pain, and frequent urination.

The above constitutions do not allow pregnancy. If you belong to one of them, please see a professional doctor for treatment as soon as possible so that you can get pregnant as soon as possible. At same time, we must maintain a good attitude and actively face difficulties we face in order to increase chance of pregnancy.