When should I start pregnancy and what are precautions?

Preparing for pregnancy is a very long process, completion of which requires joint efforts of a husband and wife. For couples who are preparing for pregnancy, many people do not know where to start early pregnancy preparation, and it is also necessary to remember some precautions when preparing for pregnancy. Next, editor will give you a detailed introduction.

How early should you start trying to conceive a child?

In preparation for pregnancy, both men and women should take folic acid, especially older couples preparing for pregnancy. Folic acid can effectively reduce incidence of fetal vascular malformations and spontaneous abortions, reduce pregnancy reactions and promote fetal growth. In order to reduce problem of fetal malformations to greatest extent and bring folic acid content in body to a certain goal, a three-month supplementation is also required.

When should I start pregnancy and what are precautions?

A new round of metabolism in body also takes three months. During this period, fathers must adjust all aspects of their living habits in order to metabolize accumulated endotoxins caused by bad habits.

What should I pay attention to during pregnancy?

1. Pre-pregnancy check-ups cannot be ignored

As soon as a couple enters period of preparation for pregnancy, it is necessary to first undergo a pre-pregnancy examination.

The purpose of pre-pregnancy screening is to exclude presence of diseases that affect course of pregnancy, to exclude a viral infection that causes fetal malformations, and to minimize occurrence of diseases and disabilities in newborns.

When should I start pregnancy and what are precautions?

2. Folic acid intake is very important

Start taking 0.4-0.8 mg of folic acid supplements 3 months before pregnancy. If economic conditions allow, a multivitamin containing folic acid can be taken. The goal is to prevent fetal neural tube defects and other birth defects.

3. Avoid unhealthy lifestyle

Late sleep has a big impact on preparing for pregnancy. Women who stay up for a long time cause a series of endocrine dysfunctions, which in turn affect female ovulation cycle and directly affect conception. In men, if they stay up for a long time, androgen secretion will be affected, and quality and quantity of sperm will decrease, which will affect fertility. At same time, both husband and wife should stop smoking and drinking three months before pregnancy to ensure quality of sperm and eggs.

4. Balanced nutrition

When should I start pregnancy and what are precautions?

During preparation for pregnancy, it is necessary to provide a balanced three meals a day, supplement with minerals, vitamins and other elements necessary for body, especially pay attention to ensuring intake of folic acid and calcium in order to avoid increasing likelihood of fetal malformations.

In introduction above, we learned about some of preparations for pregnancy. I believe it may be of more benefit to couples preparing for pregnancy. get pregnant quickly and give birth to a healthy baby smart baby.