Why is it so difficult to get pregnant? Let's see how your fertility is!

When it comes to preparing for pregnancy, many couples think that all they have to do is arrange for intercourse on time. If they have several sexual intercourses, they will definitely become pregnant once. So I'm very worried, why is it so difficult to prepare for pregnancy? Let's first look at your fertility. How to check your fertility? Let's introduce it in detail below.

First, the female fertility self-test method: Why is it so difficult to get pregnant? Let's see how your fertility is!

Reproductive age:

The golden age for childbearing in women is from 24 to 29 years. They are very young and their reproductive system is not yet developed. Ovarian function and egg quality will decline in older women, which can easily lead to miscarriage and fetal deformity in pregnant women. So, you need to match your age, keep scale in mind, see what stage you are in, what drugs and risks you will have to face, prepare for pregnancy so that you have a good idea.

Birth weight:

Body mass index, also known as body mass index, is a formula that calculates your weight in kilograms divided by your height in meters and then squares result. You can use your pen to calculate. If result is between 18-25, your pregnancy conditions are ideal.

Are periods regular:

Menstruation is a weather vane that reflects a woman's reproductive health. We all know that menstrual cycle of ordinary women is 28-35 days. Occasionally, irregular menstruation is normal, but often accompanied by delayed or delayed menstruation, dysmenorrhea and other symptoms. Before preparing for pregnancy, you should go to gynecological department of a regular hospital for a thorough examination.

Why is it so difficult to get pregnant? Let's see how your fertility is!

You are in good health:

Whether a woman plans to conceive or has successfully conceived, all pregnancy conditions should be based on a healthy body. Without health, there is nothing to talk about. No matter what stage you are in, you should have regular health check-ups, organize your work and leisure wisely, develop good habits, exercise moderately, and have a positive and optimistic attitude towards life.

Second, male fertility self-test method:

Look at amount of sex hormones. Sex hormones include luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, testosterone, and others. These hormonal parameters affect male fertility to a certain extent. These conditions can be identified with an inhibin B test. If there is a problem with one of test results, it can affect a man's fertility.

Second, pay attention to size of testicles. The size of testicles is also one of criteria for assessing male fertility. If volume of a man's testicles is less than 6 cubic centimeters, his fertility will be weakened accordingly. As a general rule, for a testicle to meet fertility standard, one side must be greater than 12 cc and sum of two sides must be greater than 25 cc. If one side of testis is less than 4 cubic centimeters, then male's fertility is practically non-existent.

Why is it so difficult to get pregnant? Let's see how your fertility is!

Third, look at condition of sperm. Today, most common male fertility test is semen analysis. It is basically an analysis of quality, volume, concentration and viability of semen, and these conditions have a great influence on quality of male sperm. It is recommended that men who are planning to get married may wish to check this. .

Fourthly, check for gene problems. These tests are also one of criteria for assessing male fertility, they are aimed at whether there are other reproductive diseases in male body, whether there is a Y-chromosome deletion.

With above methods, you have analyzed whether your fertility is good or not, if there is no problem, then there is no fertility problem, but if there is something that does not match, then you need to go to regular hospital for treatment in time, early detection and early treatment can conceive and have children early.