Do you have a normal pregnancy or an ectopic? 3 ways to help you make a diagnosis

For couples who are planning to conceive, pregnancy is hope of every family, so many pregnant women and families will take good care of them during pregnancy, fearing that something will happen to baby. In recent years, incidence of ectopic pregnancy has become higher and higher. However, many women cannot tell if their pregnancy is normal or ectopic, so the editor will tell you three methods for examining ectopic pregnancy, hoping to help you pregnant mother.

How can I know if I have an ectopic pregnancy?

1. Blood test

Do you have a normal pregnancy or an ectopic? 3 ways to help you make a diagnosis

The blood test is mainly designed to determine level of pregnancy hormone in pregnant women, including two indicators, namely level of human chorionic gonadotropin and level of progesterone. If levels of these two hormones are high enough to confirm pregnancy, but levels have not reached levels that would be expected during a normal pregnancy, an ectopic pregnancy may initially be suspected. When a pregnant woman has no pain symptoms, a diagnosis cannot be made. I'll check back in 2-3 days. If human chorionic gonadotropin and progesterone levels still do not reach normal levels after re-examination, an ectopic pregnancy may be initially diagnosed.

2. Vaginal examination

Vaginal examination is an important part of process of diagnosing an ectopic pregnancy. If a pregnant woman feels abnormal pain during examination, or finds an adnexal mass or thickening of fallopian tube during examination, possibility of an ectopic pregnancy should be suspected.

3. Ultrasound

Do you have a normal pregnancy or an ectopic? 3 ways to help you make a diagnosis

If there is viable fetal tissue in fallopian tube, b-ultrasound can diagnose an ectopic pregnancy. But in most cases, embryos die and shrivel in early stages of development, making it difficult to detect them on ultrasound. At this time, doctors can diagnose an ectopic pregnancy by degree of swelling of fallopian tubes, blood clots, and residual tissue in embryo.

How to prevent recurrence of an ectopic pregnancy?

1. Those who have undergone surgery for ectopic pregnancy should take contraceptive measures and pay attention to personal hygiene for 6 months after surgery, avoid overwork, and choose golden time for conception after recovery of body.

Secondly, women who have had one fallopian tube removed should go to hospital in advance for appropriate examinations, such as salpingography and laparoscopic treatment. Check if fallopian tube is unblocked on reserved side. If it is confirmed to be normal, you can start preparing for pregnancy. Otherwise, you should be careful and communicate more with your doctor.

Do you have a normal pregnancy or an ectopic? 3 ways to help you make a diagnosis

If you are confirmed to be pregnant again, you should go to hospital in time for a serum test. repeated ectopic pregnancy. In addition, an ultrasound can be done to see if there is a fertilized egg in uterus.

The above is an appropriate introduction to ectopic pregnancy. I hope it can help everyone. If you have had an ectopic pregnancy, you should be checked regularly at hospital. Especially after you have just become pregnant, you should watch your physical condition. condition during to avoid ectopic pregnancy.