Is it difficult for intimidating "polycystic gentleman" to get pregnant?

"Hey, did you hear?"


"Xiaohong has polycystic ovary syndrome!"

"And... what kind of egg is that?"

"Can I still have children??"

I believe that many people will be very worried when they find out about this disease, because they always hear that it is difficult to get pregnant after suffering from PCOS.

Specific causes of formation of polycystic ovaries:

1. Familial Genetic Factors: Consistent with high familial aggregation evidenced by occurrence of PCOS, genetic factors are a major factor in its etiology. Most PCOS are associated with genetic abnormalities, and a small number of PCOS have chromosomal abnormalities. This pathogenic factor is difficult to avoid, and early detection and early treatment are only ways.

Is it difficult for intimidating "polycystic gentleman" to get pregnant?

2. Obese patients with hyperinsulinemia: Some patients with polycystic ovary syndrome, especially obese patients, may have hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance, suggesting that this is caused by insulin resistance. There are many causes of insulin resistance, most of which are caused by barriers in communication system behind insulin receptor, and can also be caused by defects in insulin receptor.

3. Consequences of long-term mental stress, drugs and diseases: Due to mental stress, drugs and some diseases affect abnormal regulation of hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis, which leads to excessive production of androgens by mesenchymal and theca cells of ovaries. High levels of androgens in body inhibit maturation of follicles, leading to a number of symptoms of PCOS such as amenorrhea and hirsutism.

4. Abnormal adrenal function: 50% of patients with polycystic ovary syndrome have abnormal adrenal function, often due to hyperfunction of adrenal cortex, leading to excessive androgen secretion and symptoms such as anovulation. Diseases that cause dysfunction of adrenal cortex mainly include tumors of adrenal glands and hyperplasia of adrenal cortex. Authoritative experts said: No matter what cause is, it can be cured as long as it is treated scientifically.

How to prevent PCOS?

1. Change your mindset

Is it difficult for intimidating "polycystic gentleman" to get pregnant?

Patients are prone to agitation and tantrums due to increased levels of male hormones, and their psychological endurance is low, so patients should learn to adjust their psyche and relieve stress.

2. Adjust sleep time and status

Polycystic ovary syndrome refers to problems with ovaries in women. If you don't want premature ovarian failure, you should develop habit of going to bed early to ensure you get enough sleep to promote physical recovery.

3. Proper weight loss

Obesity is one of main symptoms of PCOS, and weight loss is an effective measure to improve patients' clinical symptoms and reduce glucose and lipid metabolism.

4. Keep exercising properly

Is it difficult for intimidating "polycystic gentleman" to get pregnant?

Polycystic ovary patients, whether they are fat or thin, should do aerobic exercise to help lower male hormone levels in body.

Can I get pregnant after having PCOS?

Polycystic ovary syndrome has a chance of conception, but chance of naturally conceiving is lower than that of normal people. After treatment, 70% to 80% of them can conceive naturally, and remaining 20%-30% pass through artificial insemination is also possible . Polycystic ovary syndrome is mainly due to endocrine disorders in patients. Whether you use Western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine for treatment, you should first exercise to lose weight, reduce weight, and those who are not obese should also exercise to improve their physique. The diet should be light, less sugar, less oil and less salt, and stay up late.