When there is a problem with uterus, these 4 manifestations will be in body, and this must be corrected in time

Women want to give birth to a new life. The uterus is a very important reproductive organ. Good conditions in uterus are best place to conceive a fetus. At same time, it can also maintain endocrine balance of uterus. body and protect our ovaries from damage. Thus, importance of uterus is obvious. But recently, many young girls have many problems in uterus due to their own bad habits. Once these 4 manifestations are detected, it indicates that your uterus is unhealthy and needs to be treated in time.

When there is a problem with uterus, body will have following 4 manifestations

Signature 1: Irregular menses

Did you know that menstrual blood in women is formed from uterus, and you can also say that uterus is source of menstrual blood. If there is an abnormality in uterus, there will be problems with menstrual blood, leading to irregular periods. As a rule, with problems with uterus, most common manifestations are an increase in menstrual days and heavy menstruation, in which case you should be wary of uterine fibroids. But if you have dysmenorrhea and your menstrual blood is black and there are blood clots, you should be on lookout for a cold palace.

Event 2: Abdominal pain

Most women experience abdominal pain during their period, but if period is over, this pain will disappear. If you find that you also have abdominal pain during non-menstrual period, you should pay attention to whether your uterus is unhealthy.

Manifestation three: persistent urine leakage

We all know that most women in postpartum period have urine leakage, which gives them a lot of inconvenience. But if you often leak urine when you sneeze, or if foreign objects stick out of your genitals, this may be due to prolapse of uterus. This situation must be treated in time. If treatment is delayed, more serious diseases occur.

Indicators four: pathological leucorrhea

If leucorrhoea is normal, this indicates health of woman. If leucorrhoea is abnormal, it means that woman is sick, such as uterine fibroids, cervicitis, etc. If these uterine diseases are not treated in time, condition will continue to worsen and have a great impact on body.

Among them, specific manifestations are, for example, if vaginal discharge is yellow or green and has a strong odor, this may be a sign of cervical cancer, and it is necessary to pay attention to cervical cancer. Cervix. For example, if leucorrhea discharged from vagina is bloodshot, sticky, with a very pungent odor, you should immediately consult a doctor. In this case, most diseases of uterus, such as cervical erosion, appear.

The above are some common manifestations of an unhealthy uterus. I hope women should pay attention to this. As soon as you find that you have above situations, you should seek medical attention in time to avoid more serious illnesses. Early detection and early treatment can lead to a quick recovery.