Endometrial thinning is mainly due to these 5 points, first one is inevitable

Thin endometrium is a very common gynecological disease in women, which directly affects possibility of implantation of a fertilized egg. The normal thickness of endometrium is 7-10 mm. If it is not within these limits, it will affect implantation of fertilized egg. , less than 7 mm means that endometrium is thin. Many people suffer from this disease. Why does this disease occur? Many do not understand this. Let's imagine causes of thinning of endometrium.

There are five main causes of thin endometrium:

Reason one: age factor

Many people cannot get rid of this factor because everyone will get old as age continues to grow, endometrium will get thinner and thinner, and menstrual flow will get smaller and smaller if it is endometrium. depends on age, and we can take growth hormone under guidance of a doctor to reduce it.

Reason 2: lack of estrogen

Insufficient secretion of estrogen will affect health of uterus, which can easily lead to thin endometrium. If estrogen secretion is insufficient, women should take appropriate measures for a speedy recovery. For regulation, hormonal drugs can be used. endometrium The impact on female body is very large, it is easy to cause serious gynecological diseases.

Reason three: decreased function of corpus luteum

If function of corpus luteum in women is reduced, this will lead to problems with endometrium. We must supplement hormones according to our specific conditions, but remember not to overfeed, otherwise it will not only be ineffective, but also counterproductive.

Reason 4: too much pressure

The reason most women suffer from thin endometrium is because of excessive pressure during normal times, so editor suggests that girls keep their spirits up, master ability to self-regulate, and not be nervous when things happen. The purpose of this is to effectively regulate endocrine system of women and have a beneficial effect on endometrium.

Reason 5: A cold during your period

Many beauty-loving women will wear clothing that exposes navel, even during their menstrual cycle, which causes uterus to get colds, which easily causes circulatory problems and causes health problems in endometrium. Therefore, it is recommended to keep warm during menstruation. You can put a bag of hot water on lower abdomen, which can effectively promote normal blood circulation.

The above are 5 causes of thinning of endometrium. The first one is inevitable for many people. If we want to have children, we must protect our endometrium and make sure that it is within normal limits so that we can have a good pregnancy.