The quality of egg is not high and it is difficult to conceive How to give birth to a quality child?

A high-quality baby can not only reduce burden on family, but also bring more joy to family. But if it is a disabled child, it will not only bring a burden, but also make family even more restless, and economy even more disturbed. So people hope that they will be able to give birth to a high-quality healthy baby. But if it turns out that quality of eggs is not high, this will affect quality of baby, so you need to correct it in time. So, how can we improve egg quality?

What are reasons for declining egg quality?

1. Age

The quality of egg is not high and it is difficult to conceive How to give birth to a quality child?

Egg quality deteriorates with age. After age of 30, egg quality deteriorates dramatically. This is an irreversible physiological mechanism for women. It is important to know that with age of a woman, age of her eggs also increases, so ability of eggs to be fertilized, cultivated and grown in uterus will significantly decrease with age of woman.

2. The flow of people

Induced abortion is "number one killer" of egg quality. After an abortion, level of hormones in body of many sisters drops dramatically, which affects habitat of eggs, which leads to a decrease in quality and viability of eggs.

3. Drugs

This can be caused by medications such as anticancer drugs, antirheumatic drugs, weight loss drugs, etc.

4. Bad habits

Some women have bad habits of smoking, drinking, staying up late or eating irregularly. While it may be work related, regardless of cause, they only have one result: worsen quality of your eggs.

The quality of egg is not high and it is difficult to conceive How to give birth to a quality child?

Moreover, if your living habits are disturbed, your body's endocrine regulation system and ovarian function will be easily damaged, which will directly affect quality of eggs and affect conception, not to mention birth of an intelligent child.

How to improve quality of eggs?

1. Exercise, eggs will be different

In order to grow high quality eggs, you must first train properly. The right exercise can improve physical fitness and have indescribable magical powers for eggs? In preparation for pregnancy, it is recommended to develop habit of exercising systematically, and this will be a regular habit. As for what kind of exercise, it can be done according to personal hobbies and physical condition. Yoga, jumping rope, swimming and jogging are all good things, they can improve function of many organs of body and lay physical foundation for pregnancy. At same time detoxification, weight loss and so on and so forth.

2. Iron supplements and fertilizers

Studies have shown that iron is an important element affecting egg quality, which is related to absorption of nutrients by eggs, and a lack of iron can cause ovulation disorders. Especially during menstruation, pay attention to iron supplements, because menstrual blood takes a large amount of iron from body. Iron supplements don't have to be that complicated, there's no need to add them in large amounts, just look out for high iron foods like spinach.

The quality of egg is not high and it is difficult to conceive How to give birth to a quality child?

3. Keep a good mood and eggs will be prettier

Stress happens to everyone. We must learn to prevent stress from persisting or recurring frequently. When this substance is released too much and upsets initial balance of hormones, it is easy to cause endocrine disruption and affect ovulation. Therefore, it is necessary to properly relieve stress in preparation for pregnancy.

The above table of contents is a brief introduction to how to improve egg quality. I hope it helps everyone. If your egg quality is poor, you can try these methods. At same time, you can also visit General Hospital for professional conditioning in time. The doctor will help you formulate a detailed conditioning plan to improve quality of your eggs immediately.