How to deal with poor egg quality? You should eat more of these foods!

Egg quality is a key factor for women to conceive a child, but with continuous development of society, more and more women enter stage of late marriage and late childbearing, so most women find that they are already over 30 when they want to have children In women over 30, ovarian function also begins to decline and egg quality will also be affected at this time, so it is very important to eat more of following foods to improve egg quality.

What foods improve egg quality?

1. Foods Rich in Zinc

How to deal with poor egg quality? You should eat more of these foods!

With a lack of zinc in female body, function of genital organs decreases, which affects quality of follicles. In order to change quality of follicles, girlfriends should eat more zinc-containing foods, such as animal liver, this is a very good choice.

2. Foods that may promote estrogen secretion

Estrogen is very important for women. It can stimulate ovulation and improve follicle quality. Therefore, you should eat more foods that can stimulate estrogen secretion, such as onions, sunflower seeds, and nuts.

3. Eat fatty foods

How to deal with poor egg quality? You should eat more of these foods!

Fats contain fatty acids that can improve fertility, so you should also include some fat-rich foods such as sardines and herring, almonds, pumpkin kernels, flaxseeds, etc. These foods are rich in 3 fatty acids.

4. Eat foods rich in calcium and iron

Foods high in calcium and iron improve follicle quality. In addition, foods high in calcium accelerate development of follicles. Generally, foods high in calcium include milk, fish, shrimp, and so on. Foods rich in iron include spinach, red dates, sweet potatoes, eggplant, and so on.

5. Foods rich in vitamins

How to deal with poor egg quality? You should eat more of these foods!

A vitamin is a nutrient that is especially important for female reproductive function. Vitamins can not only improve quality of follicles, but also improve female fertility. The intake of vitamins is actually relatively easy, and content of vitamins in fruits and vegetables is relatively high.

Can poor egg quality be cured?

Poor egg quality is only a consequence, not an independent disease. The cause of poor egg quality can be endocrine dysfunction caused by various causes, such as premature ovarian failure, polycystic ovary syndrome or other endocrine disorders. Systemic diseases, etc. are affected. normal development of eggs. Long-term late falling asleep is often caused by drinking alcohol, irregular eating habits, excessive dieting or overeating and other bad life habits that also affect egg quality. Frequent induced abortion or medical abortion will affect sperm Another important reason for quality.

The older age of women is also a common reason for decline in sperm quality, especially in women with low quality.