People who have these 5 signs are said to be more likely to get pregnant, but are you?

There are always two types of people in this world: one is happy, other is anxious, and same applies to children. Some people are born with an easy-to-conceive physique and they can conceive whenever they want without any preparation, while some people may not conceive even if they are fully prepared, which is why such people are also called "difficult". -conceive a physique." "just imagine who doesn't want to become a human with a fertile physique? Next, let's talk about some of characteristics of a fertile physique.

5 main characteristics indicate that you are prone to pregnancy:

Characteristic 1. Never had a flow of people or drugs

You should know that whether it is induced abortion or medical abortion, it is very harmful for women. They can cause uterine adhesions, affect conception of a woman and make endometrium thinner and thinner, leading to infertility. But now many girls do not pay much attention to their own health and take path of medical abortion if they are not careful. If you want to become a body that is easy to conceive, you should never do these two methods. abortions.

Feature 2: Has characteristics of an anterior uterus

Many do not know that uterus is divided into anterior, middle and posterior. It is very easy for sisters in front of uterus to get pregnant because this position is closest to cervix. ovum mates and gets fertilized, but if your uterus is in back, it is far from cervix, in which case it is more difficult to conceive, so pregnant sisters, come see where your uterus is.

Function 3. Reaching standard weight

Supposedly everyone wants their body to be perfect, but for sisters who are planning to conceive, being too thin or too fat will affect pregnancy. If he is too thin, female body will not be nourished enough, so it will be difficult for him to find a new life. But too full weight will lead to endocrine or menstrual disorders so that your ovulation will be abnormal, which will also affect pregnancy, so women should regulate their weight during pregnancy.

Feature 4: Characteristic of warm hands and feet

Palace cold is mainly caused by spleen or excessive body moisture, which leads to insufficient Yang Qi in women. If there is a palace cold problem, it will easily affect development of fetus and even make it difficult to conceive. Therefore, if you have a cold palace, you should take care of your body in preparation for pregnancy, remember to warm up and eat less cold food.

Fifth characteristic: Aunt is very constant

The "big aunt" here is actually our "good sister" - menstruation. She visits every month, but every time she comes, she will make us feel unbearable pain, sisters with severe dysmenorrhea are especially "tormented", if we do not come, it will make us "think left and right", so only permanent aunts can keep us healthy. If irregular, various gynecological diseases will appear, and we will recover in time.

As someone who has experienced this, I would like to remind everyone that it is not enough to have these characteristics to get pregnant quickly. If you want to get pregnant quickly, you also need to know your ovulation period and learn some pregnancy preparation tips Yum, welcome your child.