Women who are difficult to conceive usually have 5 physical characteristics, do you have them?

If you want to give birth to a healthy and smart baby, it is very important to prepare for pregnancy. It's not that everyone thinks that you only need intercourse. Many women are "marked" with infertility, so it is useless to have sex many times. Many people don't know what their body type is. Next, let's look at a few body characteristics for infertility. I hope you don't accept any of them.

How many of 4 characteristics of infertility do you have?

Feature 1: older women

Women who are difficult to conceive usually have 5 physical characteristics, do you have them?

After age of 40, kidney function in women begins to decline. If an elderly woman begins to have weak kidney qi but does not regulate body to strengthen kidney qi, it will easily lead to a decrease in ovarian function, as well as a decrease in number and quality of eggs, which will greatly reduce pregnancy rate.

Sign 2: The lower abdomen is cold

Cold lower abdomen is biggest symptom of palace cold. Many women catch colds not only in winter, but also in summer they have a cold waist and stomach. Lack of Yang energy leads to poor ovarian function, which affects egg quality. If you are lucky During pregnancy, fetal physique will be relatively poor, so it is necessary to exercise regularly to improve physique, and eat less cold and stimulating food to regulate physique.

Third characteristic: women with irregular periods

For girlfriends with irregular periods, pregnancy is also very difficult. Normal women have their period about 28 days apart, and timing of period is about same every month. Although it may be delayed or in advance, it will not exceed 7 days. However, in some women, menstrual cycle is very chaotic. Last month it took about 20 days, and this time it could be about 30 days. In this way, it is impossible to calculate period of ovulation and it is difficult to conceive a child.

Women who are difficult to conceive usually have 5 physical characteristics, do you have them?

Fourth characteristic: fat

Obesity women have a high body fat content, which affects endocrine system, causing a series of chain reactions such as irregular periods, difficulty ovulating, etc. I have seen an obese woman who only menstruated twice in year. directly related to endocrine system. Later, doctor advised her to lose weight. I don’t know what happened next. Obese women still have too much insulin in their bodies, which will affect development of eggs. It can be seen that obesity is really not easy to conceive. Generally, women who are most prone to conception The physique should be moderate.

How can infertile women increase pregnancy rates?

1. Fully understand your ovulation time, calculate ovulation period according to ovulation time, and intelligently organize your sex life during ovulation period, which will increase chance of pregnancy. The ovulation period is only 8 days, and it is recommended to have sex at least 3 times, then three intercourse should be separated by an interval so that chances of conception increase.

2. It is best to lie down on bed and rest for an hour after intercourse. If you stand up immediately after intercourse, a large amount of semen will come out of vagina, which will reduce chance of pregnancy by about 50%. Therefore, bed rest after intercourse is best choice, which is very important.

Women who are difficult to conceive usually have 5 physical characteristics, do you have them?

3. Pay attention to getting enough sleep during pregnancy planning, live a normal life, stop smoking and drinking, maintain a good attitude so that endocrine disorders do not occur, and chance of conception increases.

The above content focuses on characteristics and treatments for infertility. I hope he can help everyone. If you have infertility, you must follow these small steps and seek medical attention in time so that you can welcome your baby. As soon as possible. .