Why are more and more people unable to conceive? Most of them are due to these 4 factors

Now 5 out of 10 people trying to conceive a child suffer from infertility. Although living conditions have now improved, this has caused problem of population decline. Most of them are due to fact that they cannot conceive a child, and a long time ago it was very easy for people to have as many children as they wanted. So, why now people are getting pregnant less and less, it is mainly due to following factors.

Why are more and more people unable to get pregnant?

1. Aunts have an unstable cycle

Why are more and more people unable to conceive? Most of them are due to these 4 factors

The root cause of female infertility is mainly related to aunts. If aunt's cycle is stable and normal, egg quality will be better, and mature eggs corresponding to tadpoles can be obtained, which can better promote formation of fertilized eggs and ensure their unhindered survival. However, if an aunt's cycle is unstable, it will likely affect egg maturity and cause difficulty conceiving.

2. Not caring about protecting your body

Girls are more open now, and many girls are chasing "sex" and "passion" to strengthen spleen. But I forget that a lot of damage will be done to my body, especially after a miscarriage after pregnancy and taking emergency contraception pills. It will cause a lot of damage to uterus in long run, and it will easily affect normal ovulation and conception. So girls need to know how to protect myself.

3. Unhealthy lifestyle

Although wages are now high, this has also formed a form of involution. Many people with good conditions want to earn more money, which requires harder work, so it is customary to work overtime and stay up late. For some girls, sleeping late for a long time can easily lead to endocrine disruption, which will affect ovulation and lead to infertility. Also eating cold food, wearing navel clothes, smoking and drinking, etc. These unhealthy habits should be avoided if you change it over time it will affect pregnancy.

Why are more and more people unable to conceive? Most of them are due to these 4 factors

4. Influence of internal and external environment

Many couples are infertile, in addition to their own physical reasons, this can also be due to obstacles from internal and external environment. External air pollution, working and living environments are saturated with sources of pollution that damage quality of tadpoles and eggs, which inadvertently impairs couple's physical condition and seriously impedes conception process. Within family, there is pressure from different groups within family, which makes couples who are already under pressure to conceive even more unhappy. Excessive mental stress keeps body in a state of tension, which is also a factor that does not contribute to pregnancy.

How to get pregnant quickly?

1. Find out when it's easy to get pregnant

Select season of conception, it is better to conceive in July and August, and give birth in April and May of year. According to scientific studies on probability of conception in one day, if you want to get pregnant, best time for intercourse is from 17 to 19 hours.

2. Maintain a good attitude

In preparation for pregnancy, both husband and wife should maintain a relaxed mood and meet the birth of a child calmly and naturally. Mood regulation through exercise is very helpful for successful conception.

3. Quit smoking and drinking

Why are more and more people unable to conceive? Most of them are due to these 4 factors

The nicotine in tobacco and alcohol in alcohol can harm sperm and egg health, greatly reducing your chances of conceiving. Therefore, you should stay away from tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy, and it is better to stop smoking and alcohol 3-6 months before conception.

4. A rich and nutritious diet

Three months before pregnancy, both husband and wife should pay attention to a varied diet and strengthen nutrition. They can eat more foods rich in quality protein, protein zinc, calcium and other elements, and eat fresh vegetables and fruits to prepare nutritional reserves for conception.

The above methods are just a few quick conception methods I think everyone has already figured out.