Here are secrets to success of pregnant "difficult households", grab it soon!

There are more and more "difficult families" who are pregnant. This not only has a great impact on family, but also reduces population growth of country. Therefore, this problem is inevitable. In order to increase population of country, unmarried births are also promoted, changing from "couple" to "citizens", which will be equivalent to "unmarried birth openly", but if you cannot get pregnant, this is also a problem, so today Editor refers to pregnancy as "difficult household" Here are cheats, I hope it will help everyone.

The secrets of success of pregnant "difficult households"

Firstly, there should be at least as many pre-pregnancy checkups

Here are secrets to success of pregnant "difficult households", grab it soon!

Currently, people marry and have children relatively late, and some even marry and have children over age of 35. This situation will create additional difficulties for couples in preparing for pregnancy. The ovaries will also show signs of recession, so if you want to have a baby, you must do so as soon as possible. Older women need preventive check-ups before pregnancy so that you can assess whether your fertility is good or not. If you have a disease, treat it on time. If you are healthy, you can actively prepare for pregnancy.

Second, egg quality products

From now on, white collar women should consciously consume more zinc-rich foods (such as beans, peanuts, millet, radishes {not including carrots}, Chinese cabbage, oysters, beef, chicken liver, eggs, pork), help increase viability of eggs. At same time, it should be reminded that it is not advisable to eat more cold foods. Avoid colds in uterus, eat too much cold food, uterus will suffer. With exception of apples, lychee, and longan, most fruits are cold foods and should not be eaten immediately.

Third, develop good living habits

Here are secrets to success of pregnant "difficult households", grab it soon!

The ovum is "seed" from which child is born, and as a woman matures, she also has her own puberty, maturity, and aging. Although age may reflect state of eggs to some extent, this does not mean that older women should have "old eggs" that are difficult to conceive.

By balancing your diet, developing a habit of exercise, and maintaining a normal weight, you can have a "young egg" even in old age

Fourth, pay attention to improving details of life

To protect your fertility, female employees need to make some adjustments and improvements in their lives. A small change in habits will help you maintain fertility. It is recommended to wear less tight clothing to prevent endometriosis; wearing fewer high heels to prevent uterine volvulus and pelvic heterotopia; keep vagina clean, but do not wash too much, so as not to damage vaginal environment and cause gynecological inflammation.

Fifth, feel happy, adjust pressure at any time

Here are secrets to success of pregnant "difficult households", grab it soon!

You can imagine pressures of a white collar woman's work and life. As everyone knows, your anxiety, restlessness and irritation unconsciously affects your fertility. Women often experience mood swings, which can easily lead to hormonal changes in body, irregular periods, endocrine disorders and other symptoms, which in turn lead to severe psychological stress, sensitivity to interpersonal relationships, anxiety, depression, paranoia, etc. In long term, your ability to conceive will change to low and even lead to infertility.

The above are some tips for preparing for pregnancy. I hope they will be useful for those who are preparing for pregnancy. If you find infertility caused by diseases, you should go to the regular hospital in time for treatment and maintain good health. related to increased chances of pregnancy.