If you want to get pregnant once try these methods

Many friends who are trying to conceive want to get pregnant for first time, but not everyone has such a good physique to get pregnant. all are effective Below are a few tips to prepare for pregnancy.

If you want to get pregnant once, try these methods.

Method 1, intercourse during ovulation is shorter

If you want to get pregnant once try these methods

As we all know, intercourse during ovulation can greatly increase chance of pregnancy, so most couples planning to conceive have intercourse during ovulation, hoping to use this time to conceive next month, but not all menstruation is very regular . , and For those women with regular periods, it is relatively easy to find ovulation period, which can be found according to menstrual cycle, but for women with irregular periods, we can also observe through ovulation indicators. It's time to ovulate, hurry up to have sex.

Method 2, nutritional supplements are very important

In preparation for pregnancy, husband and wife should pay attention to nutritional supplements. Eat a balanced diet every day. You can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, eggs, milk, and other foods to preserve fertility for conception. In addition, it is better not to eat some foods that should not be eaten, such as spicy foods, foods high in sugar, pickled foods, and canned foods.

At same time, husband and wife are advised to take folic acid in preparation for pregnancy. Related studies have shown that folic acid may help reduce risk of birth defects in fetus.

If you want to get pregnant once try these methods

Method 3. Increase number of intercourse

To increase chances of pregnancy, couples can increase number of intercourse, but not too often. If sexual intercourse is too frequent, it will easily lead to a decrease in sperm count and may even lead to insufficient sperm viability or immature development, which is not conducive to pregnancy. In preparation for pregnancy, couple is advised to maintain frequency of sexual intercourse every other day during period of ovulation. Thus, while ensuring quality of sperm, it also promotes combination of sperm and egg.

Fifth method: pre-pregnancy screening is very important

There are many diseases that affect fertility that cannot be seen at a glance, so pre-pregnancy screening is very important. A pre-pregnancy examination is different from a regular physical examination, it mainly checks reproductive system and genetic factors of both couples, it can help couples who are planning to conceive identify potential problems or abnormalities in advance of pregnancy and provide targeted treatment. At same time, doctor will also give appropriate recommendations for preparing for pregnancy, which will not only increase success rate of pregnancy preparation, but also reduce incidence of miscarriages and fetal malformations.

If you want to get pregnant once try these methods

The above are some tips for preparing for pregnancy. I hope they help everyone. If you are preparing for pregnancy, you can try methods above. You may become pregnant next month. I also wish my partners road to pregnancy. Please greet baby as soon as possible.