Five characteristics of a successful "promoted" expectant mother, come and compare

The biggest desire of couples trying to conceive is to have a baby as soon as possible. This is also their hope on way to pregnancy. It's more difficult. Some women who find it difficult to get pregnant think that it is irregular periods when they don't have periods and finally find out that they are pregnant.Today, editor will tell you 5 characteristics of pregnancy.Come and compare it.

Five characteristics of a successful "promotion" for expectant mothers

First characteristic: breasts become larger and more sensitive

Five characteristics of a successful "promoted" expectant mother, come and compare

One of early signs of pregnancy is breast tenderness and pain caused by elevated hormone levels. This painful sensation is similar to what you feel before your period, but more intense. This discomfort will obviously improve after you are 3 months pregnant. At this point, your body has adjusted to hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Second feature: elevated body temperature

The basal body temperature in women is low before ovulation, body temperature rises after ovulation, and body temperature after pregnancy will be slightly higher than before pregnancy. If your period is several weeks late, it is recommended to buy a thermometer to measure temperature. If your body temperature is slightly above normal for 20 days in a row, you are most likely pregnant.

Third Feature: Vaginal Bleeding

Five characteristics of a successful "promoted" expectant mother, come and compare

Small vaginal bleeding can also be an early sign of pregnancy. About 11-12 days after conception, you realize that you missed your period. Some women still have light vaginal bleeding. This vaginal bleeding may be due to implantation of a fertilized egg in endometrium with a lot of blood, and fertilization begins after 6 days.

The denture bleeds very lightly, with a few red blood spots or pink and brown spots that last for about a day or two. But if you find that amount of bleeding is greater than this, especially if you have pain, you should go to hospital for an examination, as this may be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy.

The fourth feature: increased secretion

This may be due to shyness. I rarely see this symptom in others, but it's actually quite a normal symptom in first trimester. Do not panic, feel nauseous, because of increased secretions, you need to maintain hygiene, you can change your pants twice a day. Relief comes in second trimester.

The fifth characteristic: menopause

Five characteristics of a successful "promoted" expectant mother, come and compare

Menstruation is an important sign of pregnancy. If you've recently had sex without contraception and your period was regular but you didn't get your period, it could be a sign of pregnancy. Especially if you haven't had your period for more than 10 days, you can use early pregnancy test strips, hCG, and other tests to confirm if you're pregnant.

The above characteristics are pregnancy characteristics. If you find that you also have these symptoms in preparation for pregnancy, this proves that you are pregnant. You only need to go to hospital to confirm. But if you don’t have any of these, and you have been trying to get pregnant for more than a year, but have not become pregnant, you should consult a doctor in time to find out cause of infertility and carry out symptomatic treatment.