Women with strong fertility, come and see what characteristics you have!

Dear sisters, come see if you belong to a pregnancy-prone body and what specific aspects to judge, let's take a closer look~


Everyone in life has also found that many of our nails have milky white curved crescents, but since each woman's body is different, the size and number of crescents are also different.

Women with strong fertility, come and see what characteristics you have!

If women have more than 8 crescents on their nails, it means that their physical form is better, and this is also reflected on side, and women are more fertile. However, if you find that nail crescents on your fingers are relatively small and their number is relatively small, this means that your fitness may be somewhat worse, and your fertility will also be reduced.

【Reproductive health】

The entire structure of female reproductive system consists of ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus. The ovaries are also important sites for production of eggs and ovulation in women, center of life.

Only with a healthy uterus, fetus can grow and develop normally. Therefore, these three parts of a woman can function normally. Successful conception and health of reproductive system indicate that these three parts are in good condition and pregnancy occurs more easily.

Therefore, if girlfriend has a healthy reproductive system, there will be no gynecological inflammation, fallopian tubes will be free, ovaries will be strong, and fertility will be stronger. Therefore, if you want to have a stronger fertility, you need to pay attention to ovaries in your life. Contents , care, sufficient attention to prevention and treatment of gynecological diseases.

【A wide skeleton is good for productive work】【Buttocks are widely known to be good for childbirth】

Generally speaking, women's buttocks have a wider skeleton, so during childbirth it will be easier and more even. If a woman decides to give birth naturally, then her friends with a wide skeleton will also have an easier birth. may also reduce risk of dystocia.

Women with strong fertility, come and see what characteristics you have!

【Plump and rosy lips】

Changing color of lips in a woman is also very important, and it can directly reflect many physiological problems in body. For example, darkening of lips may be result of a severe catarrhal disease of uterus or certain diseases. If lips are dry and white, there is insufficient qi and blood, anemia, and so on.

So in life, you can observe changes in skin color in women. If lips are especially plump and shiny, and look especially ruddy, this means that girlfriends have a sufficient amount of blood in body and relatively strong fertility.

How can I have a body that is easy to conceive?

1. Keep warm and regulate cold in palace

Palace cold is associated, on one hand, with physical characteristics of a person, and on other hand, is caused by a bad lifestyle, for example, inattention to warming. Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to combination of external treatment and internal treatment in treatment of colds. Internal treatment should fundamentally regulate functioning of ovaries in women.

2. Maintain a healthy weight

Many ladies strive for harmony and beauty, but a too slender figure affects state of woman's endocrine system, which can lead to the impossibility of becoming pregnant.

Women with strong fertility, come and see what characteristics you have!

3. Keep a good mood and relax your mind

If you often feel anxious and bored, this may be due to endocrine disorders in body. Too much tension will disrupt the normal ovulation cycle in women and even affect testosterone secretion in men, resulting in a decrease in sperm count. count.

Reminder: In preparation for pregnancy, mothers-to-be and fathers-to-be should stop smoking, drinking and staying up late. Pregnancy is not only a matter of pregnant mothers. responsibility! I wish all expectant mothers to fulfill their wish, Have a good pregnancy!