Pregnancy failed for a long time? Come and take a look at these pregnancy tips

In recent years, half of married people are over 30 years old, and for these people it is already late marriage and late childbearing, so it is more difficult for them to prepare for pregnancy, because. time The female uterus and ovaries are not good, so if older women want to get pregnant quickly, in addition to having healthy eggs and reproductive organs, they also need to check out these pregnancy tips that can help you get pregnant quickly.

Have you been unsuccessfully trying to conceive a child for a long time? Come and check out these fertility tips

Tip 1. Have a good foreplay, take your time

Pregnancy failed for a long time? Come and take a look at these pregnancy tips

Quality foreplay can increase sperm count in men, and in women it can also promote cervical mucus secretion so that sperm can better survive in vaginal environment. In addition, even if conception has not occurred, this process can increase intimacy, strengthen relationships between sexes and prepare for conception!

Having a baby is not what you want, it may not be intentional!

Tip 2. Simple calculation - successful ovulation

You may have heard of many drugs that can help you get pregnant, but it's prudent to check with your doctor before choosing one. In fact, most important and easiest way to have a baby is to precisely control your ovulation cycle. Fertility is a numbers game: ovulation starts 14 days before your period, so if your cycle is 24-30 days long, you will ovulate around day 10-16.

Tip 3. Get a thorough examination before pregnancy

Pregnancy failed for a long time? Come and take a look at these pregnancy tips

Before trying to conceive, older women should go to hospital for a detailed medical examination. Thus, we can understand in time which diseases of body will affect fertility in order to conduct targeted treatment. This can keep body in better condition and contribute to successful preparation for pregnancy.

Tip 4. Pay attention to your diet

Elderly couples should stop smoking and drinking before preparing for pregnancy, as they are very harmful to body and significantly reduce likelihood of success in preparing for pregnancy. In addition, during pregnancy, women should eat more nutritious food and maintain a balanced diet in order to support ovaries and uterus to a certain extent.

Tip five: cleanliness and health, care for life

Pregnancy failed for a long time? Come and take a look at these pregnancy tips

Avoid alcohol: Alcoholic beverages or certain sodas such as rice wine, rum, cola, etc. can easily cause chromosomal defects and cause fetal defects; give up cigarettes (even passive smoking): there are more than 20 in tobacco Some harmful ingredients can cause changes in chromosomes and genes, and some harmful mutagenic substances can lead to a decrease in sperm count and even impotence.

Refuse from excessive physical exertion. Too low a fat content in women can cause interruption of ovulation or apparent amenorrhea, and in severe cases, women will lose ability to conceive. Therefore, it is worth insisting on regular physical activity, but not on excessive!

In short, after studying these tips, I believe that you will soon be able to conceive, and process of preparing for pregnancy can take a long time. At this time, do not worry or worry, but only by maintaining a good attitude, you can get pregnant as soon as possible.