Women with these characteristics are usually very "fertile". How many do you have?

Despite fact that human thinking has undergone great changes, bearing children is a unique function assigned to women by society, so in many families it continues to this day. And if you want to get pregnant, you must have good fertility to make it easier to get pregnant. So, how can you tell if you are a fertile person? Generally, you can tell by following characteristics.

These characteristics are inherent in fertile women.

⑴Aunt is stable

The menstrual cycle is an important signal of women's reproductive health. Under normal circumstances, women will have regular menstruation every month, and color and volume of menstrual blood will be relatively normal. This situation shows that your endocrine system is very healthy, and ovarian function is also normal. Once ovaries become normal, ovulation will be normal, such thus, chance of pregnancy will be higher than other women.

⑵The uterus is very healthy

The uterus is internal reproductive organ of a woman and "palace" where conception of fetus takes place. With openness of folk concept, many women had a history of miscarriages, frequent miscarriages in women caused irreparable damage to uterus, and also affected future fertility. Since endometrium consists of a basal and functional layers, if basal layer is damaged, it cannot be restored. Miscarriage is main cause of damage to basal layer of the endometrium. Women without a history of miscarriage usually have a healthy uterus and strong fertility.

⑶Plump and ruddy lips

While a woman's fertility cannot be judged directly from her lips, most women with plump and ruddy lips are in good physical condition as there is enough energy and blood in their bodies so their fertility will naturally not be bad. Women with dry lips and those prone to flaking have a weaker physical condition and relatively poorer fertility. This condition is associated with a lack of vitamin A in body, which is also important for fetus. What's more, if a woman is deficient in vitamin A, it can also increase chance of fetal malformations.

⑷Pelvis width

Older people often say "big buttocks". What they consider to be "large buttocks" actually corresponds to width of a woman's pelvis, which is conducive to natural childbirth. In an age of poor medical conditions, having a baby can mean "almost death." Previously, women could only give birth naturally, and in women with a wide pelvis, birth process was smoother and shorter, which is why there is a saying that "good buttocks give birth to children." It will be more difficult for women with a narrow pelvis to give birth.

The above characteristics of strong fertility. See how many you have. If you have all of them, congratulations, your fertility is very strong. If not, you must work hard to achieve these qualities and aim for a wonderful child soon.