Pregnancy is not only wife's business, husband insists on doing 4 things to make pregnancy easier!

Back in 1950s and 1960s, while couples were married for several years and had no children, people blamed women for their problems, considering women to be "hens that don't lay eggs." , People's ideas have also changed a lot, and progress has been made in childbearing. Women are not responsible, but men are also responsible. In fact, in preparation for pregnancy, husband insists on doing 4 things that can also increase chances of pregnancy.

What are 4 things men should do during pregnancy?

First, train your body to improve your physique

Men can actively engage in sports during pregnancy. Strengthening their fitness in this way is also beneficial for improving sperm quality. Many men themselves are obese, do not like to play sports for a long time, and many body parameters are prone to change.

Pregnancy is not only wife's business, husband insists on doing 4 things to make pregnancy easier!

If you can exercise more to speed up blood circulation throughout body, maintain normal immune function, and improve reproductive function of strong men, it can also promote sperm health. Otherwise, lack of exercise for a long time will lead to poor health. Sperm quality will gradually decline in debilitating conditions.

Second, regular plot

Men during pregnancy should work regularly. Providing enough sleep time to regulate body can stabilize endocrine system. In addition, getting enough sleep can relieve stress, increase resilience, and support normal function of important organs. The advantages are obvious. Compared with those men who stay up for a long time and do not get enough sleep, there is a rationalization of emphasis on work and leisure. It is not difficult for men to maintain their health. Otherwise, after a late night, body will lack vitality, sperm quality worsen, it will be more difficult for women to successfully conceive a child.

Third, add enough nutrients

Pregnancy is not only wife's business, husband insists on doing 4 things to make pregnancy easier!

Men should pay attention to a healthy diet in preparation for pregnancy and get all kinds of nutrients needed by human body in a timely manner, which is key to satisfying needs of body and improving quality of sperm. Many men eat unwisely during pregnancy and often overeat. In addition, frequent intake of certain unhealthy foods can imperceptibly affect function of important organs and even impair male fertility.

It is therefore recommended that men eat three regular meals in preparation for pregnancy with a reasonable combination of meat and vegetables and sufficient amounts of protein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to health.

Fourth, stop smoking and drinking

Men should stop smoking and drinking during pregnancy to maintain good health. Due to prolonged heavy smoking and drinking, harmful substances will be obtained in it, which will increase risk of many serious diseases, and quality of sperm will decrease. will be unhealthy.

If you want to avoid this situation, you should take it seriously in preparation for pregnancy. Quitting smoking and drinking alcohol and maintaining a good lifestyle to produce high quality sperm will not only make it easier for women to get pregnant, but also to have a healthy baby.

Pregnancy is not only wife's business, husband insists on doing 4 things to make pregnancy easier!
How long have you been trying to get pregnant but not being able to get pregnant, do you need to go to hospital for treatment?

A husband and wife live together and have a normal sex life for a year without a successful pregnancy, which is infertility (called male infertility). If a couple has been trying to get pregnant for 3-6 months and has not become pregnant, it is recommended to go to hospital for appropriate examinations.

The best time to study male sperm is from 2 to 7 days of abstinence. In addition to usual semen analysis for understanding sperm count and sperm motility, secretion testing should not be underestimated. Once an infection occurs, it will not only be transmitted to female, affecting health of both husband and wife, but it can also affect viability of "little tadpoles" and reduce chance of pregnancy.