Why there is more and more body hair, "polycystic" can confuse you

I believe that every girl who loves beauty does not want to have a lot of hair on her body, but hopes that her skin will be smooth and elastic, so that in summer there will be various "shows" to show how Good she is. her skin. But if suddenly hair on body becomes more and more, and figure is fuller than before, and condition of skin worsens, then you should be wary if you are confused in polycystic.

What are typical symptoms of PCOS?

1. Hairy

Why there is more and more body hair, "polycystic" can confuse you

The so-called hirsutism refers to abnormally strong hair on surface of body of women, which is caused by excessive secretion of androgens. After hair has grown, it can affect patient's personal image: there will be a lot of hair on upper lip, lower abdomen and inner thighs. Under influence of hyperandrogens, most sisters with PCOS also develop hyperandrogenic acne, accompanied by rough skin and enlarged pores, which persist for a long time and are difficult to treat.

2. Weight gain

Eighty percent of girls with PCOS are obese because PCOS is an endocrine disease. Due to endocrine disorders, weight becomes heavier and heavier, and it is difficult to lose weight, so if you want a child, be sure to lose weight first and then treat, to get pregnant faster.

3. Hair loss

Why there is more and more body hair, "polycystic" can confuse you

After PCOS, sisters with PCOS will experience hair loss symptoms. Hair loss will occur around age of 20 and hair loss will be concentrated on top of head and may spread to other parts of head. which leads to hair loss on back of neck. The hair gradually becomes thinner. But hair loss caused by PCOS will not lead to baldness in PCOS sisters and will not disrupt hairline.

4. Symptoms of menstrual irregularity

After suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome, there will be symptoms of menstrual irregularities and even absence of ovulation. Some heavy sisters will have early amenorrhea or a decrease in number of periods. If endometrium of sisters with polycystic disease is not treated in time, with stimulation with simple hyperandrogens for a long time, atypical endometrial hyperplasia and endometrial cancer may occur.

5. Masculinity

With onset of PCOS, some women develop masculine traits such as masculine distribution of pubic hair, deep voice, rough skin, and so on.

How to get pregnant with polycystic ovaries?

Polycystic ovary syndrome has a chance of pregnancy, but chance is less than others, or there is no chance yet, if there is no ovulation, there is no chance of pregnancy. When you want to have a baby, if it's not easy to conceive, you can use ovulation inducing medications to help you ovulate and you can get pregnant.

Why there is more and more body hair, "polycystic" can confuse you

With heavy periods, even if you can't get pregnant for a month, as long as you have automatic ovulation, you still have a chance of getting pregnant. If you want to increase your chances of getting pregnant, you can take medications to help you get pregnant. Some obese women are less likely to get pregnant after PCOS. By making lifestyle changes, losing weight and exercising, if weight can be reduced by 15%, chances of pregnancy will increase significantly.

Maintaining a good lifestyle is most important and fundamental method of increasing pregnancy.