If you want to be more prolific these flips should be well kept!

With continuous development of society, pressure from people is also increasing day by day. For young people, it's like starting a career first and then thinking about children after their careers stabilize. But when most people want children, they find that they are past their optimal childbearing age, and fertility also declines during this time. So if you want to be more prolific, you have to be good at keeping these flips going.

If you want to be more prolific, you have to keep these flips well!

Method 1: Pregnancy test required

If you want to be more prolific these flips should be well kept!

Prenatal and postnatal care is getting more and more attention from people. Many young couples undergo a comprehensive examination before planning a conception in order to find out in time if they have a certain disease. No more detours. In addition, folic acid supplements are also very important during preparation for pregnancy in order to prevent possibility of fetal malformations in time.

Method 2, find out ovulation period, it will be easier to get pregnant

I find that sisters who are preparing for pregnancy are very concerned about their ovulation period, because only when they have intercourse during their ovulation period will chance of pregnancy improve significantly. If you are a woman with regular periods, you can find your ovulation day in menstrual cycle. If you have irregular periods, you can evaluate some ovulation symptoms or ovulation test strips. If you cannot find it, you can go to hospital for monitoring ovulation. It will be more accurate.

Method 3. Determine best time of day

If you want to be more prolific these flips should be well kept!

During ovulation period, it is best to have sex once every 1-2 days, and chances of conceiving will vary depending on time of day. most likely to get pregnant. Because during this period of time, viability of male spermatozoa is relatively strong, and female eggs will also be released at this time. Therefore, for some couples who find it difficult to conceive, if they have intercourse during this time period, chances of pregnancy will be much higher.

Method 4: Don't worry about a better position in same room

Many people believe that position in same room affects chance of pregnancy, and chance of pregnancy is higher if man is on top of woman. In fact, there is no scientific basis for this statement. This provision will indeed ensure that more sperm enter vagina, but will not determine that sperm and eggs can successfully synthesize fertilized eggs. Therefore, it is best for couples to choose most convenient way to make it easier for women to conceive a child.

The fifth method: lying down immediately after intercourse can increase chance of pregnancy

If you want to be more prolific these flips should be well kept!

I often hear people say that lying on your feet after intercourse can increase your chances of conceiving. In fact, this kind of statement is not entirely correct. After intercourse, while you lie flat on bed for about 15 minutes, you do not need to twist your legs to sky, this can also be effective. After 10-15 minutes, sperm has almost reached cervix.

Fertility is very important for couples planning to conceive, so everyone should protect their fertility. If a disease is found, it should be treated as soon as possible so that you can get pregnant as soon as possible.