Failed to conceive, such women should have their fallopian tubes checked!

For people with natural fertility, pregnancy is a bit of a problem. If you do not want a child, you only need to pay attention to measures. But if you have never been pregnant, you should consider whether this is a physical problem. Both men and women, especially girlfriends, if you cannot conceive a child, such women should check if their fallopian tubes are blocked. Next Let's look at types of women.

Women of this type should have their fallopian tubes checked if they cannot get pregnant.

First category: people who have been trying to conceive for over a year and have not conceived

Failed to conceive, such women should have their fallopian tubes checked!

As we all know, those who have been trying to conceive for more than a year and have not gotten pregnant are diagnosed with infertility. At this time, most important thing for women is to check if their fallopian tubes are unblocked. 50% of infertile patients because of this and cannot get pregnant.

Second group of people: women with a history of ectopic pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy is when a baby grows and develops outside uterus, but most of them grow and develop in fallopian tube. In this case, it is unacceptable and requires timely treatment. May cause blockage or adhesions of fallopian tubes.

The third type of people: women who have had abortions and medical abortions

Be aware that abortion itself is very harmful to women, but still there are some women who, for one reason or another, do not take contraceptive measures, which will increase likelihood of medical abortion, which easily blocks fallopian tubes.

The fourth type of people: circumcised women

Failed to conceive, such women should have their fallopian tubes checked!

Some women plan not to have a child after birth of their first or second child. Currently, most effective method is tubal ligation. As a rule, women perform tubal ligation. However, they want to have children after bandaging. this time they will choose. However, in some women, fallopian tubes will be blocked, making it difficult to conceive.

Fifth group of people: women who have not become pregnant within a year after tubal surgery

Check for fallopian tube repair and check for re-blockage of adhesions.

How to prevent occurrence of diseases of fallopian tubes?

1. Actively treat gynecological diseases

After a woman is diagnosed with a gynecological disease, she must adhere to principles of treatment, take a positive attitude, cure it in a timely manner, and control disease as soon as possible in order to prevent it from becoming chronic and causing blockage. fallopian tubes.

2. Try to avoid crowds

If your friend isn't planning on getting pregnant yet, try using birth control and not having an abortion. The choice of surgical abortion to solve problem is very harmful to female body.

3. Maintain physical hygiene

Failed to conceive, such women should have their fallopian tubes checked!

Pay attention to sexual hygiene to prevent penetration of pathogenic bacteria. Women should also pay attention to vulvar hygiene and personal hygiene to prevent contamination from plumbing and toilets.

4. Develop good living habits

Good living habits are basis for disease prevention. Women should pay attention to their diet, increase nutrition during menstruation, after induced abortion and after childbirth, improve their physical fitness, increase resistance and immunity, and reduce likelihood of illness.

The above content gives some insight into fallopian tube, I hope everyone can understand it. Fallopian tube obstruction is a common cause of female infertility, so there are many treatments, but not everyone will fit treatment plan. You should follow doctor's advice and actively cooperate with doctor to unblock fallopian tube pregnancy as soon as possible.