How do women know they are ovulating?

An egg is a necessary condition for a woman to conceive. Without it, no matter how healthy a woman's reproductive organs are, it will be of no use, so quality eggs are very important, and a woman only has one chance to ovulate every month. There is a higher chance of getting pregnant, but if you cannot get infected, wait until next month. to fight again. So how does a woman know she's ovulating?

Keep following ovulation signals in mind:

Signal one, abdominal pain

How do women know they are ovulating?

During ovulation, some women experience pain in lower abdomen or a slight tingling in anus. This is due to fact that during ovulation in women, amount of prostaglandins in body increases, pressure of cavity of follicular fluid increases and surface of ovary breaks so that egg can be released. , In this process, more sensitive women will feel pain in lower abdomen.

Second signal, ovulation bleeding

Due to drastic changes in hormones in body during ovulation, this can cause a small amount of uterine bleeding, and a small amount of bleeding is also normal during ovulation. If amount of bleeding is excessive, it is necessary to seek medical help in time.

Signal 3: increased vaginal discharge

This is also one of most obvious symptoms during ovulation. Vaginal discharge increases significantly and becomes clear, as well as symptoms such as thready discharge. This is due to fact that during ovulation, under influence of estrogens and progesterone, cervix opens and releases a lot of mucus.

Signal 4: Increase in body temperature

How do women know they are ovulating?

During ovulation period, basal body temperature in women will show different changes depending on secretion of progesterone, but body temperature is influenced not only by body, but also by external environment. Therefore, unless you rely on a thermometer to measure body temperature, you usually do not feel a rise in body temperature.

Fifth signal, resistance reduction

During ovulation, vaginal discharge thins, making it easier for sperm to enter woman's body. At same time, secretion of nasal mucus will also decrease in women, body's immunity will decrease, and chance of getting sick will increase.

Doing two things to prepare for pregnancy can also increase your pregnancy rate:

First, body at its best

I think everyone knows that having a healthy body is what everyone wants. In period of preparation for pregnancy, both men and women are in good condition, can have stronger fertility, and likelihood of pregnancy will be higher, so before pregnancy, examinations should be done, as soon as disease is detected, it should be treated in time.

Second, day before ovulation

How do women know they are ovulating?

Many people think that if they have sexual intercourse on day of ovulation, chance of pregnancy will be higher, but this is not true. After sperm enters woman's body, it can generally last about 3-4 days. Therefore, choosing to have intercourse between time before and after ovulation can increase chance of conception.

The above is a summary of symptoms of ovulation. Hope they help you. If you have not yet determined time of ovulation, you can also use ovulation test strips or B-ultrasound to monitor ovulation. The effectiveness of these two methods is same. It is very high, especially second type, that is, constantly going to hospital is troublesome, but pregnancy rate is highest.