Are you not pregnant for a long time? Perhaps quality of your eggs is too low!

You should know that eggs are a necessary condition for a woman to give birth to a child. Only a combination of eggs and sperm can conceive a child. However, if eggs are of poor quality during preparation for pregnancy, this will directly affect conception. If there is no pregnancy, this may be due to a mismatch in the quality of your eggs. So, how can we improve egg quality?

There are several reasons for poor egg quality: Are you not pregnant for a long time? Perhaps quality of your eggs is too low!

This is primarily caused by genetic factors caused by an inborn gene. Secondly, when you get too old, your ovarian function will decline and quality of your eggs will also deteriorate at that time. Finally, there are some bad life habits such as smoking and drinking, excessive weight loss, obesity, etc., which will lead to a decrease in quality of eggs, so these bad habits should be avoided in life so that eggs are bigger and rounder.

How to achieve standard egg quality?

1. A balanced diet is very important

If you are preparing for pregnancy, you need to eat a balanced diet, but many office workers cannot eat regularly, and sometimes even order takeaway food, which can save you more time, but they do not know that takeaway food is unhealthy . body This is very unfavorable, especially for girlfriends who often eat takeaway food, which will affect quality of eggs and make it difficult to conceive. Therefore, if you are planning to have children, you should try to get rid of habit of eating takeaway. A healthy and regular diet is the key to pregnancy .

Are you not pregnant for a long time? Perhaps quality of your eggs is too low!

2. Active exercise improves egg quality

The intrinsic quality of many women is not very good. If they are trying to conceive during this time, their egg quality will be relatively low. Therefore, moderate exercise every day can not only improve their quality, but also improve quality of their eggs. . However, strenuous exercise is not recommended during pregnancy as it can backfire. You can jog, climb stairs, jump rope and swim.

3. Treat your own diseases in a timely manner

Some female friends have poor egg development because their ovarian function is relatively poor. Currently, simple conditioning cannot be cured. Active cooperation with treatment is needed to improve ovarian function in time to improve egg quality.

4. The main thing is a good mood

Are you not pregnant for a long time? Perhaps quality of your eggs is too low!

Mood is every person's natural emotion, there are good and bad, good mood will make people energetic and healthy, if mood is bad for a long time, anger will affect health of body. Even during preparation for pregnancy, endocrine level will be affected, which will affect ovulation, so you must have a good mood during preparation for pregnancy and actively prepare for pregnancy.

With all that said, are your egg quality up to standard? If not, you can try methods above, you may be able to get pregnant next month without any problems.