These Five Misconceptions About Pregnancy Will Most Likely Keep You From Getting Pregnant For A Long Time!

My mother said: if you want your child to grow up healthy in future, sooner you start eating folic acid, better.

The mother-in-law said: Girls are too thin to get pregnant, and they have to be white and fat to give birth.

Aunt Qi said: Pregnancy rates are highest at ovulation, and couples should XXX at ovulation.

Aunt Eight said: After she takes her cold medicine and finds out that she is pregnant, such a child will be deformed and cannot be conceived.

Have you ever had same experience? That's right, people who come here always feel like they are very experienced and they will tell you various "tricks" to prepare for pregnancy, but whether it is effective or not, you need to ask doctor in time. Many misunderstandings cannot be believed. What follows are some misunderstandings about pregnancy preparation, I hope everyone should pay attention to this!

Five misunderstandings about pregnancy preparation should not be done

Misconception 1: more intercourse, higher chance of pregnancy?

These Five Misconceptions About Pregnancy Will Most Likely Keep You From Getting Pregnant For A Long Time!

As we all know, women have their own ovulation period each month, and chances of intercourse during ovulation period are greatest, so many couples who are trying to conceive often have intercourse on these days in order to get pregnant as early as possible On contrary, it will reduce quality of male sperm, which will affect conception. Therefore, it is recommended that when girlfriends find their ovulation day, they can choose to have sexual intercourse day before and day after day of ovulation, which will not only ensure sperm quality, but also increase chance of pregnancy.

Myth 2. You can get pregnant at any moment

This point of view is also incorrect. Female fertility does not drop suddenly after age 35, but gradually declines with age. Generally speaking, female fertility is higher at age 20. Therefore, whether you are in your 20s or 30s, you should do appropriate maintenance work well, develop good living habits, and pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness at normal times to avoid occurrence of gynecological diseases.

Misconception 3. It is not necessary to have preventive examinations before pregnancy if you are in good health

These Five Misconceptions About Pregnancy Will Most Likely Keep You From Getting Pregnant For A Long Time!

There are many couples who think they are in good health so they ignore pre-pregnancy screening thinking it's not necessary, but some reproductive diseases don't show up so even if you're in good health you might not be able to conceive a child sometimes. We can only know if we can have children after we do a pre-pregnancy screening, so it's important to do it now.

Misconception 4: Pregnancy screening doesn't apply to men

Both men and women should go to hospital for examination before pregnancy, especially men can find out their fertility status through semen analysis.At same time, complete blood count, complete urinalysis, screening for hepatitis viruses, HIV and syphilis. If level of sperm deformation is high, it will also affect embryonic development and growth. The couple unsuccessfully tried to conceive a child. First, man must undergo a sperm test. After male cause has been ruled out, woman will have a salpingogram.

Misconception 5: Stop using birth control and you can get pregnant easily

These Five Misconceptions About Pregnancy Will Most Likely Keep You From Getting Pregnant For A Long Time!

Many couples now think they can get pregnant easily by stopping use of birth control. In fact, it is better for women to go to hospital for pre-pregnancy examinations in preparation for pregnancy, so that women can successfully conceive a child and undergo eugenics. . And even if both husband and wife are healthy, chance of pregnancy is only over 20%, so this statement is not true.

The sex life of couples preparing for pregnancy should be as regular as possible, and sexual intercourse is best done during period of ovulation. It is best for couples to go to hospital for a comprehensive pre-pregnancy examination in preparation for pregnancy so that they can better understand their physical condition, increase chance of successful conception, receive prenatal and postnatal care, and have healthy babies. .