A practical guide to preparing for pregnancy, what reactions in body indicate ovulation?

Women reading this article should want to know their reactions to ovulation. If they discover these things, they will immediately "call" their husbands to prepare for intercourse. Therefore, most couples trying to conceive are aware of importance of ovulation. But some symptoms of ovulation are not so obvious, which requires careful observation. If you want to know what reaction is, let's keep looking down.

When ovulating, women give out these sensations.

Feeling ① Soreness and bloating at bottom

As we all know, only when follicle is mature, it will rupture and at that time egg will be released normally. At this time, woman will experience a feeling of discomfort such as pain and swelling in lower abdomen. And such a situation usually does not last long, if it lasts a day or two, then it will not cause any harm to body, but if it hurts, then you need to see a doctor.

Feeling ② sore breasts

When follicles in body mature, estrogen levels will rise at this time, thereby stimulating milk ducts and overloading them. At this time, women will experience breast tenderness, which will also occur during pregnancy. I feel that everyone should be separated.

It seems that ③ more leucorrhea than usual

When preparing for pregnancy, women can use leucorrhoea to determine when they are ovulating, and they can also tell if they are pregnant by looking at leucorrhea, so we must clearly understand importance of leucorrhoea. When pregnant women are close to ovulation, estrogen in body will increase. At this time, vaginal discharge will be more than usual, and color will be lighter and more transparent, like egg white, and a tension phenomenon will occur. This situation will last two or three days.

I feel ④ my body temperature is a little higher

Another situation - basal body temperature will be relatively higher. As a rule, after ovulation, temperature rises by 0.3-0.5 degrees. Since rise in temperature is not obvious, many expectant mothers do not notice it. it is necessary to insist on measuring temperature every day, so that it is easier to know day of ovulation.

Feeling ⑤ mild bleeding symptoms

This situation is called "ovulation bleeding" in clinical practice. When a follicle ruptures, level of estrogen in a woman's body decreases for a short time. The discharge phenomenon causes bleeding, but amount will not be large and bleeding time will not be long, so do not be too nervous.

These problems occur not only in women with stable periods, but also in women with irregular periods. The former may be easier to find. Although last period of ovulation is not easy to determine, it can be determined using an ovulation test. and efficiency will be higher. .