These bad habits are stealing your fertility, what are you doing?

Many people want to have a house full of children and grandchildren. This could be implemented in 1960s and 1970s, but in recent years it would have been overkill. In recent years, population growth rate has fallen very rapidly. Many families either have no children, Or just one or two, and for families without children, most of them are due to fact that they cannot conceive. Why did this happen? In fact, these are all bad habits at work. What bad habits have been stolen from your Fertility What about strength?

These Bad Habits Are Making You Fertile

1. Inflammation of reproductive organs

These bad habits are stealing your fertility, what are you doing?

Vaginitis changes pH value of vagina and increases number of white blood cells, which hinders survival of spermatozoa, reduces fluidity and changes local internal environment caused by inflammation of cervix, which does not facilitate passage of spermatozoa. neck, leading to infertility. If not treated promptly and thoroughly, pelvic inflammatory disease, especially tuberculosis or gonococcal infection, even if cured, will cause fallopian tube fusion, curvature and stenosis, leading to infertility or ectopic pregnancy.

2. Induced abortion

Doctors have found that number of miscarriages is directly proportional to likelihood of infertility. Repeated induced abortion can easily lead to pelvic adnexitis, blockage of fallopian tubes after inflammation and infertility. During induced abortion, highly active fragments of endometrium can easily move into pelvic cavity with formation of endometriosis, leading to infertility. Moreover, repeated abortions can also make endometrium very thin. Once pregnant in future, embryo is like a seedling in sand, unable to get enough nutrition, prone to stunting and spontaneous abortion.

These bad habits are stealing your fertility, what are you doing?

3. Alcohol, coffee

Women who regularly consume alcohol, especially alcohol, have significantly reduced fertility. Because alcohol blocks nutrient absorption, just one glass of red wine can lower your body's zinc levels, which is an important factor in fertility. Caffeine. Even two cups of coffee a day can reduce fertility by 50%. Coca-cola has same effect because it has a lot of caffeine.

4. Age factor

These bad habits are stealing your fertility, what are you doing?

Age is main culprit in female fertility. As women age, their fertility declines and their chances of not having a child increase significantly. Even if you are pregnant, you should not worry about it, chance of miscarriage increases, chance of having a child alive decreases, and there are more chromosomal abnormalities.

The above are some of bad habits that make you unfertile. Are you still doing it? If you are planning to have a child, you must give up these bad habits. At same time, you must maintain a good attitude and actively prepare for pregnancy so that you can get pregnant early Pregnancy.