When follicles are underdeveloped, there will be three signals in woman's body, check if you have

If a woman wants to have good fertility, she must have quality eggs, and eggs can only be released after follicles rupture, so development of follicles is also very important. When a follicle is underdeveloped, it cannot rupture and an egg cannot be released at that time. So, how can we know that follicle development is not good? We can understand it from these three signals.

With poor development of follicles, female body gives three signals

Signal 1, menstrual irregularity, irregular

There is a very close relationship between ovary and uterus. If there is a problem with ovarian function, it affects health of uterus, leading to menstrual irregularities. If follicular development is poor, menstruation will become infrequent or amenorrhea will occur. Many women do not pay attention to menstruation for a long time, which ultimately leads to reduced fertility. It is actually caused by poor follicular development.

Signal 2: Palace cold issues

Most women understand that a cold palace will lead to difficulty conceiving and, in severe cases, lifelong infertility, so problem of a cold courtyard is very serious. Its appearance causes severe dysmenorrhea, blood clots and a cold palace. it is accompanied by inflammation of epididymis, which affects ovarian function and causes follicular dysplasia.

Signal 3: Abnormal pain on falling in the lower abdomen

In addition to ovulation and menstrual cycles, if you frequently experience lower abdominal pain accompanied by abnormal leucorrhea, there may be problems with gynecological inflammation such as adnexitis. If you suffer from adnexitis and do not treat it for a long time, it can easily cause pelvic congestion, which can affect ovaries, causing abnormal ovarian ovulation, one of which includes follicular dysplasia.

The biggest impact of follicular dysplasia is on release of eggs, and women will not be able to conceive smoothly. Therefore, if you want to release eggs, you must make sure that follicles are ripe. We can eat more foods that promote follicle development, and at same time avoid staying up all night some bad habits.