If these conditions appear in a female body, there may be a problem with your fallopian tubes.

The fallopian tubes are an important conduit for a woman to conceive a new life. If sperm and egg want to join and conceive a child, they must pass through this channel in order to complete conception. If this channel is blocked, woman will not be able to conceive a child. smoothly. Many patients do not know how to determine if their fallopian tubes are blocked.

When these situations occur, it could be a problem with the fallopian tubes.

⑴ Irregular menses, dysmenorrhea, etc.

When fallopian tubes of our body are clogged, pelvic cavity is in a state of stagnation, so dysmenorrhea easily occurs, especially during week of menstruation. The closer period, more intense pain will be until period disappears and fallopian tubes are close to ovaries. When inflammation of fallopian tube spreads to ovary, it causes irregular menstruation, manifested in increased menstrual flow and frequent menstruation.

⑵ Increased leucorrhea and other gynecological problems

If fallopian tubes are blocked due to gynecological inflammation, there will also be increased leucorrhea, normal vaginal discharge, pain or bleeding during intercourse, and some women will also experience fatigue, poor mental state, depression, etc.

⑶ Pain and discomfort in lower abdomen

This is a typical early symptom of blocked fallopian tubes. It manifests itself as pain and swelling in lower back, abdomen, or both, especially when body is tired, as blocked fallopian tubes are often accompanied by pelvic pain. lesions, then there may be bladder and rectal pain when filling or emptying, and even frequent urination and urgency.

How to prevent blocked fallopian tubes?

1. Pay attention to cleanliness of reproductive system. The most important thing is to prevent infection with various pathogens (especially sexually transmitted diseases). During intrauterine operations such as induced abortion, childbirth, insertion and insertion of IUD, strict disinfection should be carried out to avoid inappropriate intrauterine operations, unclean sex life, intercourse during menstruation, and re-draining of fallopian tubes.

2. Actively treat pulmonary TB and lymphatic TB to prevent infection with pelvic TB.

3. As soon as women suffer from concomitant diseases, they must adhere to principles of treatment, adopt a positive attitude, treat carefully, control disease as soon as possible and prevent it from becoming chronic.

The above is a brief introduction to fallopian tubes. If you also have above situations, you should consider whether fallopian tubes are blocked. You should go to an ordinary hospital for infertility treatment in a timely manner. Avoid bad habits like staying up late and excessive weight loss so that condition can recover faster and you can get pregnant as soon as possible.