I change and wash it every day, but why is my underwear still yellow?

Underwear, as most intimate clothing for women, can not only block bacteria, but also reduce friction, etc., but it can not be worn for too long, it needs to be changed and washed frequently. not changing for several days, bacteria easily penetrate woman's genitals, causing inflammation and more serious gynecological diseases. Therefore, most of girlfriends change and wash often, but linen is washed every day, and linen is still yellow. What is happening?

The main reasons are as follows, let's see.

Reason 1: residual urine

Human urine is acidic and alkaline and contains human feces and secretions, so it is usually yellow in color. After women go to toilet, if they do not wipe their genitals with paper towels, urine residue forms on their underwear, which gradually turns yellow. To reduce stickiness of genitals, it is recommended that girlfriends wipe genitals with a paper towel every time they urinate to reduce chance of lactic acid bacteria remaining on underwear. This will minimize appearance of yellow spots on your underwear.

Reason 2: Inflammation

Women suffering from gynecological inflammation will have increased leucorrhoea, and there will be a yellow discharge from genitals, and a yellow watery liquid can stain underwear yellow. Vaginitis will seriously affect life and work of girlfriends. Once detected, it is necessary to seek medical help as soon as possible so as not to delay disease.

Reason 3: Menstrual bleeding

Most women accidentally get menstrual blood on their perineum during their period. Underwear stained with menstrual blood is usually not easy to wash off and always leaves yellowish marks on crotch. It is recommended to soak in lingerie for 10-20 minutes and then rub with your hands to wash. Do not wash with bleach as chloride is irritating and chemical residues may remain.

Reason 4: financial problem

Nylon underwear has low sweat absorption and airtightness, poor lightfastness, and is prone to yellowing and aging with prolonged exposure. Cotton products are more suitable for women to choose underwear, absorb moisture well and keep warm, soft and comfortable.

Reason 5. Throw away yellowed underwear quickly

Vaginal secretions are mostly made up of protein, and protein itself is a good petri dish for bacteria, which can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria. Even with proper washing and drying, it is impossible to completely kill residual bacteria. Wearing yellow underwear for a long time can cause inflammation of vagina, which has a serious impact on women's health.

The above are some of reasons why underwear is yellow and yellow. I hope to help all my friends. If you find that your underwear is also yellow and yellow, you can assess situation according to above situations and make corrections in time.