People with a good womb often have these 4 "characteristics", you can check yourself

The uterus plays a very important role for a woman. It is an important organ for women to give birth to new life, allowing fetus to develop normally in it. But over time, way of life of people has undergone great changes, and some bad habits of many women have caused damage to uterus, which will directly affect fertility. Generally, people with a good womb will have following four characteristics. You can test yourself.

People with a good womb often have these 4 "characteristics".

Feature 1, ruddy complexion

If female uterus can maintain normal functioning and detoxification, it will be of great help to us in maintaining uninterrupted blood flow in our body. Therefore, function of uterus in a woman is healthy, face often looks healthy and ruddy, complexion is also in a healthy state. So when this happens to a woman's appearance and her qi and blood are unobstructed, her face will look rosy and healthy.

Feature 2, no dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea is a phenomenon that occurs in many young women these days, and cause of such dysmenorrhea in many women is actually related to endometrial rejection. In women with a healthy uterus, detachment of endometrium after maturation will be very clean and will not cause pain to woman. However, for women whose uterus is unhealthy due to a cold palace or other reasons, incomplete shedding of endometrium will also bring them great pain, leading to dysmenorrhea.

Third characteristic: whiteness is normal

Ordinary whites have a certain protective effect on women's health. Normal whites in women do not have a specific smell, they are transparent and translucent and increase before and after ovulation. If you find that leucorrhoea is yellow-green or white, with streaks of blood, remains of bean curd and smell, then gynecological inflammations such as uterine fibroids, endometritis, fungal vaginitis are approaching you. Professional examination and treatment is recommended.

Function four: no acne

Acne on face is a headache for women. The irregularities of face affect appearance. But besides problem of puberty, acne can also be caused by damage to uterus. The uterus performs function of regulating endocrine system in body. If there is a problem with uterus, endocrine system will be unstable, and acne will appear on face before and after menstruation.

The above four characteristics are characteristics of a good uterus. I hope you have them too. If uterus is damaged, you should go to regular hospital in time for treatment so as not to cause more harm to your body. also avoid staying up late, excessive weight loss and other bad habits.