Those women who get pregnant from first touch, as a rule, have these three characteristics.

Pregnancy doesn't come and go. It requires not only right time, but also a healthy body. Regardless of which side of problem is on, it will affect woman's normal conception. Therefore, if you want to conceive, you must make preparations in advance. Some people are naturally fertile and will get pregnant at first touch, and such people usually have three characteristics. Let's look at characteristics below.

Women who get pregnant from first touch have these three characteristics.

Function 1, weight standard

A girl's weight depends not only on her appearance, but also on her fertility. Some standard weight friends can often conceive more smoothly than those who are too thin or too fat. This is mainly because being too fat or too thin will affect endocrine function of body, thereby affecting estrogen secretion and normal ovulation, resulting in reduced female fertility.

Function 2. There are no cold, warm limbs in palace

The main reason why many women find it difficult to conceive is cold palace. The cold palace refers to "cold womb", which leads to weak constitution, irregular menstruation and cold extremities, which is not conducive to implantation of a fertilized egg and naturally makes it difficult conception. On contrary, women with a warm uterus are very suitable for development of fetus, and pregnancy rates are also greatly improved.

Feature 3, normal and regular menses

Menstruation is associated with ovulation in women, which is an important factor in allowing women to get pregnant easily. Many pregnant women experience irregular periods and dysmenorrhea. According to my mother, most women who are "pregnant with one touch" have normal menstruation, beginning and end of menstruation are very timely, duration of menstruation is relatively constant, color of menstrual blood is not dark, dysmenorrhea is rare. occurs. The period of ovulation in such women is very accurate, and it is not difficult to conceive a child naturally.

The above three characteristics are characteristics of a mild constitution of pregnancy. Come and see if you have them. If you have them, congratulations. If you don't have any of them, normal conception will be affected. So you can get rid of troubles of infertility.