If a woman has these 5 characteristics, then it is difficult for her to conceive a child. I hope you do not?

In China, a country with heavy traditional notions, many people think that a woman who has given birth to a child is considered a full-fledged woman, but in recent years, cases of infertility have been on rise, so these words hit very hard for women. If a woman has these 5 main characteristics, it means that you are having a hard time conceiving a child and you must treat it quickly.

If a woman has these 5 characteristics, then it is difficult for her to conceive a child

Sign 1: Abnormal leucorrhea

Normally, leucorrhoea is a liquid paste, transparent or white, odorless. When whites suddenly increase, are accompanied by a peculiar smell, yellow in color, sometimes accompanied by external itching and pain, since whites have these disorders, this means that there is inflammation or some chronic diseases in woman's vagina, once they are expressed up to cervicitis, affect conception of a woman. So don't ignore these symptoms.

Function 2: more miscarriages

Whether it's a natural abortion or an induced abortion, every abortion takes a huge toll on a woman's uterus, and endocrine system in body can be disrupted. The uterus is place where life is born, so women should know how to take care of their bodies.

Function three, menstrual irregularities

Early or delayed menstruation, heavy or less bleeding are manifestations of irregular menstruation. Most menstrual disorders are associated with endocrine disorders or gynecological diseases caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Problems can even affect future conceptions. Therefore, women who often experience symptoms of menstrual irregularities should seek medical attention in a timely manner.

Function four, abdominal pain

Abdominal pain is most obvious symptom of female infertility. Pain usually occurs in lower abdomen, on both sides of abdomen or in lumbosacral region, which often indicates occurrence of gynecological diseases, such as inflammatory diseases of pelvic organs, uterine myositis, ovarian inflammation, endometriosis.

Feature five, cold hands and feet

Some women have cold hands and feet all year round. Do not underestimate this symptom. The probability, and reasons are many, cold palace, female miscarriage and premature birth can lead to cold palace, not paying attention to diet, bad living habits can also lead to cold palace, so expectant mothers should actively cooperate with doctor's instructions before birth to change your physique.

The above are a few characteristics that make it difficult to conceive a child. If you don't have any of these, congratulations, you have good fertility. But if you find that above symptoms have appeared, it is necessary to go to a regular hospital in time for treatment in order to avoid occurrence of infertility in time.