When women are trying to conceive, there are seven symptoms that indicate that ovulation is about to occur, so arrange "intercourse" quickly.

Preparing for pregnancy is not an easy task. Many people don't know how many ovulation test strips and early pregnancy test strips they have used in preparation for pregnancy, but they simply don't see good news and cry. with stacks of test strips. If this is a woman with regular periods, an ovulation test is effective, but if you are faced with a woman with irregular periods, it is difficult to determine period of ovulation. In fact, we can judge ovulation by physical symptoms. So, what are indicators of body during ovulation?

What are seven indicators of a woman during ovulation?

Manifestation 1. Don't like to eat

During period of ovulation, women do not like to eat and have no appetite. This is because hormones released by women during ovulation cause women to spontaneously pay more attention to opposite sex and gender. There is no excess energy to pay attention to diet, and there is a phenomenon of reduced appetite, reduced food intake and lack of interest in dieting. Women should be aware that when appetite decreases, it is likely that period of ovulation has come.

Effect 2, increased libido

When a woman approaches ovulation, her libido rises and she tends to be more sexually inclined and arouse sexual desire. Due to influence of endocrine hormones, women during this period are more lustful, body, as it were, hints to itself that they are ready to become pregnant.

Appearance 3, leucorrhea enhancement

During ovulation, women may experience increased leucorrhoea. If there are signs such as leucorrhoea, if you usually pay attention to hygiene, it may be ovulation period. In order to suppress bacteria in body, women spontaneously produce more leucorrhea.

Performance 4 Y Road Lube

Another characteristic of ovulation period is lubrication of Y-tract. Due to adjustment of secretion and hormones, Y-tract is more lubricated than usual. This is also characteristic of period of ovulation. Women can pay attention to this to judge if they have entered ovulation period.

Efficiency 5, Vigor

During ovulation, a woman's energy will be much stronger than usual. More energy, more excitement, more power. If you have these emotional states, it is likely that woman is ovulating and hormones released in body are making your spirit more aroused. If a woman suddenly feels energetic at some point in time, most likely around time of ovulation, then it's time to get pregnant.

Shown 6, lower abdominal distention

The period of ovulation is characterized by release of egg from follicle and its release into female body. In this case, outcome of follicles will not harm lower abdomen. But after release of egg, a kind of liquid will flow back, and this process will bring a feeling of bloating in lower abdomen.

Manifestation 7, elevated body temperature

During ovulation, women will have a rise in body temperature and feel that their body temperature is higher than usual, but they will not overheat and become sick. Women should pay attention to observation. If your body feels a little warmer and hotter than usual at time they are likely to ovulate, it may be ovulation. Or put a thermometer at home, measure body temperature from time to time and preliminarily judge period of ovulation by temperature changes.

Seven manifestations of female ovulation are listed above. If you have more than three, it may mean that you are about to ovulate. Hurry up and have intercourse and you can get pregnant next month. If you encounter ovulation disorders, you should go to a regular hospital in time for treatment in order to start a successful pregnancy as soon as possible.