When is best time for a sperm and an egg to meet in same room?

Pregnancy is a very wonderful thing. She needs sperm and egg to meet and then enter uterus through fallopian tube to implant in uterus. To get pregnant smoothly, and if sperm and egg meet, it must be in ovulation. The same premise, because only after ovulation can sperm connect with egg more easily. So, when sperm and eggs are most often found in same room, consider below.

When is it easier to have sex? When is best time for a sperm and an egg to meet in same room?

According to research, different dates have different chances of conception. We take day of ovulation as a node (14 days before first day of next menstruation), probability of conception 1-3 days before day of ovulation is 35%, 30%, 15%, probability of conception on day of ovulation is 25%, and probability of conception 1 day after ovulation day is 0. Therefore, it is easier to conceive in same room 1-2 days before ovulation.

How can I know when I am ovulating?

1. Changes in vaginal discharge

After menstruation, as follicles grow, level of estrogen rises and secretion of cervical mucus gradually increases. As cervical mucus increases, it becomes thinner and egg-like, and mucus can stretch up to 10 cm, indicating ovulation has begun.

When is best time for a sperm and an egg to meet in same room?

2. Measurement of basal body temperature

After ovulation, basal body temperature will rise by 0.3~0.5℃, so friends can calculate ovulation period by measuring their body temperature. Girlfriends measure their body temperature after waking up every morning and write it down so that they can be detected in time when their body temperature changes.

3. Ovulation test strip method

Women's urine contains a certain amount of luteinizing hormone, which reaches its peak 24-48 hours before ovulation. Ovulation test strips can measure your luteinizing hormone levels. Girlfriends can check regularly every day when ovulation period approaches. When a color appears that is about to peak, it should be tested every 12 hours until result is a peak of luteinizing hormone.

When is best time for a sperm and an egg to meet in same room?

4. B-ultrasound detection method

With help of V-ultrasound, experienced doctors will see process of isolating follicles from small to large. This method should be most accurate.

The above are several ways to track ovulation. Hope this helps you. If you catch day of ovulation and prepare for pregnancy, I think you will get pregnant soon. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below and I will help you one by one. answer.