Do These Things When You're Trying To Get Pregnant To Boost Your Fertility

Fertility is very important for couples planning to conceive. Good fertility not only allows you to get pregnant quickly, but can also be an indicator of physical health. Therefore, most couples planning to conceive hope that their fertility will be stronger. But reality is reality at end of day. Many people don't have very good fertility, so at this time you need to use some scientific methods to improve your fertility. So do more of these things in preparation for pregnancy to greatly increase your fertility.

By doing more of these things, you will greatly increase your fertility.

Firstly, couples undergo pre-pregnancy screening

Do These Things When You're Trying To Get Pregnant To Boost Your Fertility

Preparing for pregnancy is not work of one person. Both husband and wife should do this. The first thing to do is to have some examinations in preparation for pregnancy so that you can clearly understand your physical condition. examinations usually include: routine semen test, routine urine test, chromosomal test, etc. For women, there are more checks such as six sex hormones, ovarian function, uterus and fallopian tubes.

Secondly, moderate exercise promotes conception

Under normal circumstances, this should be done three months before pregnancy, as moderate exercise can improve physical fitness, which can keep hormones in women in a balanced state, which is more conducive to smooth implantation of fertilized eggs, while men can improve sperm quality and viability, making it easier for us to conceive.

Do These Things When You're Trying To Get Pregnant To Boost Your Fertility

Third, relieve stress

Many couples trying to conceive fail to conceive after a while and there is a certain amount of psychological pressure on them. But we must understand that too much emotional stress will adversely affect course of pregnancy, and psychological pressure will inhibit hypothalamus, which in this case will lead to disruption of ovulation in women, which will affect conception. Therefore, while preparing for pregnancy, it is necessary to maintain a good mood and adjust your mood in time.

Fourth, couples should take folic acid in first three months of pregnancy

Do These Things When You're Trying To Get Pregnant To Boost Your Fertility

Probably everyone knows about importance of folic acid for fetus. It can prevent fetal malformations, so it should be taken three months before pregnancy. Many people think that it is enough for women to take folic acid, but in fact, men also need to take folic acid. This requires an examination in hospital. The doctor will adjust specific amount of folic acid supplement according to your specific situation.

I've said so much, I think everyone understands it. Preparing for pregnancy takes skill, and it's not as easy as everyone imagines. But it is very easy for those sisters who are predisposed to pregnancy, so for those couples who are not easy to conceive, these methods should be kept in mind.