How many of 5 daily fertility habits do you use?

Conceiving a new life is an important task for every family. Most of them will prepare to have children at right time, and some may want to have children in a few years, which will directly affect their fertility. to conceive, so we need something to help us conceive. So what daily habits can improve fertility?

These 5 lifestyle habits can boost fertility

Habit 1. Healthy Weight

How many of 5 daily fertility habits do you use?

As we all know, a healthy weight is best condition for childbearing. Being overweight or underweight affects endocrine disruption, thereby affecting ovulation and making it difficult to conceive. Therefore, in terms of diet, we should choose foods that are low in fat and high in fiber, avoid foods high in sugar and oil, and eat less junk food to ensure that our weight is up to standard for fertility.

Habit 2. Take folic acid and dietary vitamins

Folic acid supplementation during pregnancy can prevent neural tube defects during fetal development, vitamin B, so folic acid must be consumed during pregnancy. There are also other pre-pregnancy supplemental nutrients that should be taken according to need, and the appropriate amount can be used.

Habit 3. Keep exercising

How many of 5 daily fertility habits do you use?

A healthy body can be a solid foundation for your child. You must start exercising at least 3 months before pregnancy. Yoga, jogging, and jumping rope are all good things. Jumping rope is also good for ovulation. Keep exercising to make your pregnancy easier Stay active.

Habit 4: Staying up late

It's a common problem among young people these days that they go to bed late. Perhaps some young people don't care and think that staying up late is because they are young. Disease. Especially girlfriends who stay up for a long time will lead to ovulation disorders, which will affect pregnancy.

Habit Five: Improve Your Diet

How many of 5 daily fertility habits do you use?

Learn to eat nutritious foods that you really need to supplement, that is, eat a balanced diet of at least three meals a day. Vitamins, calcium, and carbohydrates (rice, noodles, etc.) are essential. Eating carbohydrates can easily lead to menstrual irregularities.

You must have understood above content. If you do not know your fertility, you can also go directly to hospital for appropriate tests to know for sure if you are suitable for pregnancy.