What is reaction of newly implanted sperm? If you find 6 great sensations, it will be more accurate than a pregnancy test.

When many pregnant women prepare for pregnancy, in addition to calculating ovulation period, they also want to know if pregnancy is successful after ovulation, so they buy a lot of pregnancy test strips and take a test every morning. After pregnancy, he will show two. There is a red line, but some younger sisters are more restless and start test within a few days after intercourse. This situation is difficult to detect. Whether we are pregnant, we can judge by some reactions of body.

If you find that female body has 6 beautiful feelings, congratulations on your pregnancy

1. The breast becomes softer

If your breasts are clearly soft and swollen, this is probably result of IVF embryo implantation. Usually it can appear a few days before conception. Your body produces a lot of progesterone, which can cause discomfort and sometimes a burning sensation in your chest. While body slowly adapts to secretion of hormones, this pain will gradually disappear.

2. Feeling tired

After successful implantation of IVF embryos, women will feel physically tired, mainly because after implantation, embryos will release a large amount of progesterone, which will make women feel physically exhausted. This situation will be in almost all pregnant women, they obviously have little activity and enough time to sleep, but their body is always tired. You can then look for other symptoms to confirm your suspicions.

3. Become a "frequent visitor" to toilet

Because after a woman's pregnancy, fertilized egg attaches itself to wall of uterus and begins to secrete human chorionic gonadotropin, which we often refer to as hCG. This hormonal substance will encourage pregnant women to urinate frequently and they will always have urge to urinate, which will increase number of times they go to toilet than usual. If frequent visits to toilet occur, it is necessary to check in time. It is very likely that pregnancy is successful. Of course, problems with urinary system cannot be ruled out.

4. Increase in body temperature

In a normal menstrual cycle, a woman's body temperature rises by about 0.5°C during ovulation. In case of successful implantation of a fertilized egg, body temperature of expectant mother will also rise slightly and will probably remain at 36.5~37°C. If it is not detailed enough, it will be difficult to detect and even a few people will have a high temperature. Therefore, if you are trying to conceive a child, you must be careful with subtle changes in your body.

5. Increased secretion

When a fertilized egg is implanted, inner lining will be stimulated, secretion will increase, and hemorrhage will also occur. Changes in vaginal environment are acidic, which can protect reproductive system, especially avoid sex and cleaning products.

6. Light bleeding

Some women experience light vaginal bleeding when their periods are irregular. This vaginal bleeding can be caused by implantation of a fertilized egg into blood-rich lining of uterus, a process that begins six days after fertilization. This bleeding is rare, appears as a few red blood spots or pink and reddish-brown spots, and lasts for about a day or two. But if you find that amount of bleeding is greater than this, especially with pain, you should go to hospital.

The above are some of early symptoms of pregnancy. I hope everyone knows that if you find that you also have above feelings, you should take a pregnancy test in time or go to hospital for a B-ultrasound. It will be higher and care should be taken after pregnancy.