After an injury to uterus, a woman has 4 "marks" on her body, see if you have them?

The reason why women can give birth is because they have an important organ - uterus, and uterus can not only help you give birth, but also help you analyze whether your body is healthy, because it is responsible for menstruation. once uterus is injured, menstruation will be disturbed and women are prone to gynecological diseases. Then, after uterus is injured, what will happen to women? Let's see.

What are 4 manifestations of damage to uterus?

1. Dysmenorrhea

After an injury to uterus, a woman has 4 "marks" on her body, see if you have them?

Dysmenorrhea is a common disease among women, manifested by pain in lower abdomen or lumbosacral pain during menstruation, before and after menstruation, accompanied by general discomfort and deterioration, often accompanied by cold hands and feet, pallor of face, nausea, vomiting. , cold sweats, fainting can also occur, seriously affecting her work, studies and life, and in women, dysmenorrhea is usually caused by palace cold.

2. Abnormal vaginal discharge

Under normal conditions, leucorrhea is a colorless, odorless, milky-white discharge, which is secret of cervical and endometrial glands. But if it is too viscous, becomes like bean flour, has a large amount, is yellow or yellow-green in color, with bloodshot eyes, one should be wary of gynecological diseases or even uterine lesions.

3. Spots in corners of eyes

There is a gallbladder meridian in corner of eye, if gallbladder meridian is blocked, spots appear. In addition, most common causes of spots under the eyes in women are miscarriage, uterine diseases, endocrine disorders and menstrual irregularities.

4. Long lasting acne

After an injury to uterus, a woman has 4 "marks" on her body, see if you have them?

Acne is a normal occurrence during puberty. After this period, acne naturally heals. However, there are still people who clearly passed puberty earlier, but acne condition still persists. It may be related to uterus. If skin care reasons are excluded, a gynecological examination is required.

What should be done to save uterus?

1. Exercise is very important

Lack of exercise will affect normal circulation of qi and blood. Daily reasonable physical activity is very important to maintain condition of uterus. You can go jogging or doing yoga regularly. The combination of posture and breathing can effectively massage uterus. and reduce incidence of uterine disease.

2. Get warm

The uterus is an organ that is afraid of cold. She often eats raw and cold food. When weather turns cold, she still insists on behavior, not temperature. Slowly, cold enters and stays in uterus, and it forms a cold palace, especially during the menstrual cycle. Pay attention to keep warm.

After an injury to uterus, a woman has 4 "marks" on her body, see if you have them?

3. Prevention of irregular periods

Menstruation is a very obvious external manifestation of health of female uterus. If a woman has irregular periods, do not delay and deal with it as soon as possible to prevent problem from becoming serious. At same time, pay attention to maintenance during menstruation, do not eat irritating food, and pay attention to keeping warm during menstruation to promote smooth elimination of toxins.

The above are several cases of uterine trauma. If you also have this, you should check if uterus is injured in time. If it is diagnosed that uterus is injured, you must treat it in a timely manner so as not to cause more harm.