What to do if development of follicles is poor? 3 tips to help you get pregnant

Preparing for pregnancy is a magical and scientific thing. Some people want to get pregnant quickly, but baby just doesn't show up. Some people don't want to have a baby, but baby comes. Some people think that this is decision of "God", which is very unscientific. In fact, there are many factors that affect infertility. For example, follicular dysplasia, which I want to talk about today, is one of them, and it is relatively common. So how does the patient manage follicular agenesis?

What causes poor follicle development?

First cause of premature ovarian failure

What to do if development of follicles is poor? 3 tips to help you get pregnant

Premature ovarian failure is something that every woman faces. It's only a matter of time. Many women experience ovarian recession in their forties. At this time, it also affects women's menstruation, and disorder phenomenon occurs. , and follicle development will also occur. This will be affected, which may result in follicles not maturing and eggs not being able to come out. Therefore, doctors recommend using ovulation induction for treatment.

Secondly, polycystic ovaries cause

When most girls hear about polycystic cysts, they are very worried that it cannot be cured, and they are afraid that they will never be able to have children in future, they will not be able to grow, as a result of which follicles will not be able to grow, and it should be treated in time with induction ovulation.

Finally, pituitary factors lead to

What to do if development of follicles is poor? 3 tips to help you get pregnant

The last point can be caused by pituitary gland, such as our common pituitary tumors, hyperprolactinemia, etc. This is because diseases secreted by pituitary gland will inhibit development of follicles, so follicles will not grow large.

3 tips to help you get pregnant!

Method One: Good Living Habits

Modern people are under a lot of pressure, which leads to depression and anxiety. If you are preparing for pregnancy, you must adjust your mood and combine work and leisure. At same time, try not to eat spicy and stimulating foods, and avoid junk food whenever possible. Eat more high-protein foods such as milk, fish, and shrimp. A half-hour run or aerobic exercise every day can not only improve physical fitness, but also prevent premature ovarian failure.

Method 2: Eat more black beans and brown sugar ginger tea

You should know that soy products are a blessing for women. They can help women regulate estrogen levels and induce ovulation. They can be taken from end of your period until ovulation, which can help improve follicular agenesis. Ginger tea with brown sugar can nourish Yin, regulate endocrine system and protect ovaries at the same time, which is also a very good choice.

What to do if development of follicles is poor? 3 tips to help you get pregnant

Method 3. See a doctor in time when you detect a disease

Once you find that you are suffering from gynecological diseases, you should go to hospital in time to ensure health of ovaries, so that follicular fluid is not underdeveloped. If follicles are underdeveloped, you should seek medical attention in time so as not to miss best time.