Poor Quality Eggs Are Hard to Conceive, 5 Tips to Help You Raise Good Eggs

Eggs are a necessary condition for conception of a woman. Only when eggs and sperm combine to form a fertilized egg and implant in bed can a successful pregnancy be achieved. Thus, women still cannot conceive a child, so quality of eggs must be improved. So how can we improve egg quality? Here are some ways to teach you.

1. Spread your legs

Poor Quality Eggs Are Hard to Conceive, 5 Tips to Help You Raise Good Eggs

As we all know, life is all about exercise, especially for sisters who are trying to conceive. Doing moderate aerobic exercise every day can not only improve fitness and immunity, but also delay ovarian decline and ensure egg quality. Therefore, once you start planning your preparation for pregnancy, you should first move your legs and exercise to have a good body and better fertility.

2. The main thing is to quit smoking and drinking

Alcohol is bad for health. During pregnancy, mothers should pay particular attention to toxic substances, such as nicotine in cigarettes, which hasten ovarian aging or directly damage eggs. Alcohol can also cause premature ovarian failure. If you want to conceive a healthy child, you must stop smoking and drinking at least 3-6 months before pregnancy. By way, try to avoid passive smoking during pregnancy!

3. Eat a healthy diet

Poor Quality Eggs Are Hard to Conceive, 5 Tips to Help You Raise Good Eggs

Adjusting your diet in preparation for pregnancy is important because both egg development and normal ovarian function require sufficient nutrients to support them. The daily diet should provide a balanced intake of proteins and vitamins, and try to avoid foods with too much oil, salt and sugar, so as not to increase load on body and not affect quality of eggs and ovulation cycle. Eat more whole grains, fresh fruit, etc. Okay, get pregnant then.

4. Rules for work and rest stay up late

Research has shown that girlfriends who stay up for long periods of time or have poor sleep have more obvious signs of declining ovarian function, and chances of a successful pregnancy naturally decrease as ovarian function declines. to have a good pregnancy, sisters should maintain a regular work and rest, go to bed early and get up early, try not to stay up late.

5. Maintain a good attitude

Poor Quality Eggs Are Hard to Conceive, 5 Tips to Help You Raise Good Eggs

A good mood is useful during pregnancy, because women with prolonged mental anxiety and excessive psychological stress often develop endocrine disorders. Endocrine disorders not only have a bad effect on body, but also affect menstruation and ovulation. Therefore, during pregnancy, one must learn to relieve stress, reduce bad emotions, be in a good mood so that ovaries do not naturally “muddle up”.

The above tips are some of ways you can improve your eggs. Hope they help you. Only high quality eggs can give birth to healthy and smart children. Therefore, when you find that your eggs are of poor quality, you should adjust them in time. In addition to above conditions, you should seek medical help in time and follow conditioning doctor's advice.