Attention to pregnant women! These 4 things can seriously damage your ovaries

Every woman wants to reach “peak of appearance”, because this will not only make her more self-confident, but also more graceful in front of her friends, and one who manages all this is our “good friend” - ovary. In addition to making you look good, it can also drastically increase your fertility, so whether you want to have children or not, you must protect your ovaries.But many people will hurt him deeply because of following 4 things. This behavior is a death blow to ovaries and should be corrected in a timely manner:

Behavior 1: Excessive weight loss will disrupt ovulation

Not only men want to find a slim wife, but even women want to have a better figure, so many beauty-loving women will lose weight to point of insanity to have a devil figure, but this method of losing weight is inappropriate, because many people are dieting to lose weight. Although weight has become lighter, too little weight will cause insufficient secretion of hormones in follicles, which will affect menstruation and even amenorrhea or ovulation disorders.

Behavior 2: Staying up late often, reducing fertility

Why is there day and night in life? This is a normal law of nature, and also in order for people to have a better rest. If we cannot afford it, it will disrupt our body's biological clock, thereby disrupting reproductive hormones in body, causing menstrual irregularities and seriously affecting fertility.

Behavior 3. Smoking is worst ovarian killer

When we buy cigarettes, we are told that smoking is bad for health. This is true, especially for women. Infertility, passive smoking worse.

Behavior 4: If weight is not within standard, it will affect ovulation

Underweight here refers to women who are obese, which is also caused by uncontrolled eating, and some women especially like to eat "junk food", so it is easy to gain weight. insulin in body will affect development of follicles and prevent ovulation.

For women, protecting ovaries not only makes you beautiful, but also protects your fertility, so handling them properly is best protection for them, and it will leave you with best.