What should I do if I'm "pregnant"? Five Ways to Help You "Hold Your Baby" ASAP

For women who are trying to conceive, having a good "pregnancy" is what every woman aspires to, but seeing that all younger sisters around her are pregnant with Liujii, I'm still waiting for onset of "pregnancy" as a moral , and physically was dealt a big blow. Why is my "pregnant" mood so bad? How can I afford to have a baby as soon as possible? The editor will tell you what I know!

Five ways to help you "carry a baby" faster!

Method 1. Determine time of ovulation yourself

What should I do if I'm "pregnant"? Five Ways to Help You "Hold Your Baby" ASAP

I think all pregnant women know that women ovulate once a month, and time of ovulation depends on timing of each person's menstrual cycle. Counting from first day, last 14 days is day of ovulation, and adding one piece after 5th day and 4th day before day of ovulation is ovulation period.

Method 2: Guaranteed sperm and egg quality

Two necessary conditions for pregnancy are sperm and eggs, but sperm and eggs alone are not enough, they must also meet quality standards. If quality of these two factors is not up to standard, it will affect woman's normal condition. conception. Generally, men can add some micronutrients such as zinc and selenium, while women can add some egg-enhancing foods such as eggs, meat, seafood, and other foods.

Method 3: The number of couples having sex should be reasonable

What should I do if I'm "pregnant"? Five Ways to Help You "Hold Your Baby" ASAP

Studies have shown that normal sperm can last in a woman's body for 1-3 days, while our eggs only have 12-24 hours. Therefore, if you want them to quickly meet and connect, you must complete this task within . This allows us to conclude that "enai" is more likely to become pregnant three days before ovulation or one day after ovulation. The editor suggests that number of sexual acts should not be too large, one sexual intercourse every other day is enough.

Method 4: Eat a sensible diet

Whether it's preparing for pregnancy or health, a sensible diet is very important. It can not only improve physical fitness, but also allow women to get pregnant faster. Why not. But be aware of overeating, it will prevent pregnancy. As soon as there is too much protein and fat in body, body fluid will become acidic, which will not contribute to survival of sperm, and, naturally, pregnancy will not occur.

Method 5. Keep a good mood every day

What should I do if I'm "pregnant"? Five Ways to Help You "Hold Your Baby" ASAP

Good mood is a must for every mom-to-be. If there is a lot of stress or anxiety during pre-pregnancy phase, it will affect conception. Therefore, editor still hopes that you will be able to maintain a good mood while preparing for pregnancy. Listening to soothing music or a walk will help relieve internal tension.

After reading above methods, are you also moved by them? If you want to have a baby as soon as possible, try above methods.