These Bad Habits Lead to Premature Ovarian Failure, Experts Teach You 4 Ways to Improve Ovarian Function

If a woman wants to look good and have good fertility, she cannot do without her ovaries. As a very important reproductive organ for women, ovaries not only affect pregnancy, but also keep women healthy and beautiful. Therefore, many women will maintain their ovaries in time to slow down ovarian decline so that women age more slowly. . But some bad habits of many women lead to premature ovarian failure. So, what bad habits can lead to premature ovarian failure? How to improve ovarian function?

These bad habits can lead to premature ovarian failure

1. Stress, bad habits

Modern women experience increased pressure in everyday life and at work, combined with irregular sleep and diet, smoking and alcohol consumption, which leads to reduced body resistance, dysfunction of immune system and premature ovarian failure.

2. Pelvic surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, infections, etc.

With improvement of surgical technique and rational use of radiation and chemotherapy, survival of young patients with malignant tumors has improved significantly, but temporary or permanent decrease in ovarian function caused by radiation therapy and chemotherapy is also most common cause of premature ovarian failure.

3. Genetic autoimmune diseases

Research has shown that it may be an important cause of premature ovarian failure. More than 20% of patients with premature ovarian failure are accompanied by autoimmune diseases, and autoimmune diseases can occur before premature ovarian failure, most common of which is thyroiditis. Therefore, if you find that you have thyroiditis, you must treat it in time to avoid damage to ovaries.

4. Frequent flow of people

Induced abortion is a remedy for ineffectiveness of female contraceptives. As a rule, if it is performed once or twice, there will be no serious complications. However, if you use abortion as a "universal contraceptive measure" and do it five or eight times, will your ovaries fail prematurely?

5. Long-term use of emergency contraception

Emergency contraception should only be used as a temporary remedy after contraceptive measures have failed. It should not be used as a conventional contraceptive to prevent pregnancy. A single dose is equivalent to 10 times amount of conventional contraceptives. It will cause great harm to women. Long-term use will inevitably affect ovaries. Function.

How to improve ovarian function?

1.Women should learn to relieve stress first, because if they are in a state of high mental stress for a long time, women are prone to endocrine disorders. And if endocrine system is disturbed, this will easily lead to a violation of menstrual cycle, and then affect function of ovaries

2. Maintain a regular lifestyle, including getting enough sleep, avoiding junk food, drinking less, and smoking less. Don't go on a diet to lose weight and don't take diet pills.

3. Increase food intake in daily life. Eat more fish, drink more soy milk, milk and other foods rich in high-quality protein, because protein can enhance human immunity and prevent sagging skin. Also eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Provide a supplement of vitamin C, E and carotene, these substances can resist aging.

4. Women need to learn how to take care of themselves and seriously monitor their physical condition, so regular health check-ups in hospital can help women identify some potential diseases at an early stage. With changes in level of hormones in a woman's body, a decrease in ovarian function can be delayed under guidance of a doctor.

The above are a few causes and measures to prevent premature ovarian failure. Infertility due to premature aging.