Couldn't get pregnant? These Behaviors May Affect Your Fertility

When you've been trying to conceive for a long time and never got pregnant, are you still trying to conceive a child blindly? Maybe many people do this, but it is recommended to go to a regular hospital for treatment in time, and only after finding out cause of infertility, symptomatic treatment is carried out in order to get pregnant early. There are many reasons for infertility. If you are unable to conceive, this behavior may have affected your fertility and should be corrected in time.

What behaviors affect fertility?

Behavior One, Excessive Weight Loss and Low-Fat Diet

Couldn't get pregnant? These Behaviors May Affect Your Fertility

Many women want to be as thin as possible, but studies show that excessive weight loss can lead to infertility. Fat in a woman's body can convert androgen to estrogen for energy, so fat is very important for female fertility. Too thin women are prone to infertility because, although they have normal periods, their ability to conceive is already very low. Thin women first stop ovulating but continue to menstruate and eventually stop menstruating.

Behavior 2, staying up late often

Staying up seems to be a common problem among today's young people. It's understandable to work too hard and work overtime too late, but even if many young people don't work overtime, they still play mobile phones and computers until eleven or twelve o'clock before bed. This will lead to endocrine disorders, decreased estrogen secretion, ovarian dysfunction and long-term loss of reproductive function.

Behavior Three: Smoking and Drinking

Couldn't get pregnant? These Behaviors May Affect Your Fertility

Smoking and drinking alcohol have become a way for some women to ease work and emotional stress. However, alcohol, nicotine, benzene, lead and other chemicals found in tobacco and alcohol can bring only temporary relaxation, but at expense of physical health. They will reduce secretion of estrogen, follicles will not develop normally, it will be difficult to get pregnant.

Behavior 4, thirst for cold, body gets cold

Women should pay attention to keeping waist and stomach warm, and remember not to be too greedy for cold. If too much cold drinking stimulates uterus, or if body is exposed to wind and cold, uterus becomes cold, affects endocrine system, and causes irregular menstruation. Another thing to say is that while navel-baring clothes look good, it's best not to wear them too often.

How to protect your fertility?

1. Don't have abortions

Many women are always indifferent to abortions, believing that one or two abortions will have little effect on their body. In fact, such an idea is completely irresponsible to itself. If there are recurring miscarriages, it can lead to persistent late pregnancy, not to mention tubes, and chances of success will be greatly reduced. Therefore, in order to prevent their uterus from suffering, women are advised to pay full attention. When they don't want Baowo, don't let yourself get pregnant with Baowo easily.

2. Maintain personal hygiene

Couldn't get pregnant? These Behaviors May Affect Your Fertility

The most common problem in women is inflammation. Don't underestimate these inflammations. They have a great impact on fertility, not only by interfering with sperm and eggs, but also by affecting implantation of fertilized eggs in uterine cavity. Therefore, what women should do well is pay attention to their own hygiene and not succumb to easy infection, which is also irresponsible towards themselves.

3. Have a discreet sex life

As people become more aware of their sexuality, some women may have sex with multiple partners at same time. In fact, this is very bad. Firstly, it will increase risk of transmission of disease, as well as increase risk of cervical disease in women. In view of this, it is recommended that women be pure and shy and not allow themselves to go too far, lest they eventually become pregnant with Baovo and suffer.

If you are still harming your fertility, you must stop loss in time. The most important thing is to take preventive measures, especially for those who are preparing for pregnancy. You must keep a good attitude and actively prepare for pregnancy. All kinds of drugs so that you can get pregnant as soon as possible.