The uterus is out of order, abnormalities are visible in these parts of body, eat more to save uterus

The uterus is an important reproductive organ for every woman. It not only makes women more fertile, but also keeps women healthy. Thus, one can imagine importance of uterus, but in recent years, many some of misbehavior of women lead to severe damage to uterus, which will lead to following series of symptoms. So, what abnormal phenomena will occur when uterus is out of order? Let's understand.

What are deviations in body, if uterus is not all right?

1. Black lips

The uterus is out of order, abnormalities are visible in these parts of body, eat more to save uterus

Under normal conditions, lips are pink. If lips and skin around lips have darkened, it means that there are too many toxins in uterus. When toxins and debris increase, they accumulate in body, affecting endocrine stability and causing melanin to build up in skin.

2. Dark circles around eyes

Dark circles under eyes caused by falling asleep late or lack of sleep will disappear in a few days. If you get enough sleep and dark circles still exist, you need to check health of uterus. If uterus is overloaded and not discharged in time, this will lead to insufficient blood in uterus, which will cause dark circles to appear. Especially women who smoke and drink frequently should pay more attention to health of uterus.

3. Menstrual blood turns black

Under normal conditions, menstrual blood is dark red or has a few clots. If color of blood turns black during menstruation and there are a lot of black blood clots, it means that qi and blood in uterus is not flowing smoothly. Such people need to ensure that uterus remains warm and avoid eating raw or cold food.

4. Blackening in groin area

The position of uterus and buttocks in female abdomen is same. When there are too many toxins in uterus, skin in groin area becomes black. It is usually possible to properly massage groin, which can help detoxify uterus and relieve dysmenorrhea.

The uterus is out of order, abnormalities are visible in these parts of body, eat more to save uterus

5. Smelly leucorrhea

Whites are normal selections. Under healthy conditions, leucorrhea is colorless and odorless and will not affect your health. When it comes to ovulation, leucorrhea will increase, as will egg whites. With pathology of uterus, color of whites is abnormal, green or yellow, accompanied by a fishy smell.

Support your uterus and eat more of these foods

1. Soybeans

When it comes to soy products, we all know that they contain a lot of nutrients that can effectively supplement protein in our body. In addition, soybeans can also supplement male and female hormones in our body, maintain stability of two hormones, and maintain endocrine balance of our body. In addition, soybeans also have antioxidant properties that can slow down the aging process, improve our body's immunity, promote uterine detoxification, and maintain uterine health.

2. Purslane

The uterus is out of order, abnormalities are visible in these parts of body, eat more to save uterus

Pursanula oleracea has always been used as a wild vegetable, which is very popular and has good medicinal value. It has functions of eliminating fever and detoxifying, suppressing bacteria and inflammation, and suppressing uterine bleeding. Directly crush fresh purslane and apply it topically, which can reduce itching and swelling. People with a bad uterus and inflammation can eat purslane.

3. Houttuynia cordate

Houttuynia cordata has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Women with poor uterine health and gynecological inflammation can often eat Houttuynia cordata. Houttuynia cordata root can be served cold or dried and brewed as a tea.

The above content focuses on some of characteristics of a bad womb and some of womb maintenance products. I think everyone has already understood that a damaged uterus will bring great harm to women. Do such bad deeds and then go to hospital. consult a doctor in time to make sure health of uterus.